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Tragedy Unfolds: Death Toll Climbs to Five in Ibadan Explosion



The aftermath of Tuesday’s devastating explosion in the Adeyi area of Old Bodija, Ibadan, has taken a more solemn turn with the Oyo State government announcing on Thursday that the death toll has now reached five. The update was provided during a press briefing by Fatai Owoseni, the Special Adviser on Security Matters to Governor Seyi Makinde.

Owoseni revealed that two additional bodies were discovered, raising the total number of casualties to five. He emphasized the ongoing nature of the rescue operation, with security agencies collaborating to gather information for a comprehensive investigation.

“While we had three casualties as of yesterday (Wednesday), I received information this morning (Thursday) from security operatives supporting the medical team that two more deceased individuals were recovered,” stated Owoseni.

As reported earlier by The PUNCH, the explosion had a profound impact on the Adeyi area, damaging around 58 houses and leaving 77 residents with severe injuries.

In an effort to secure the scene, a group of stern-faced soldiers assumed control, imposing restrictions on both human and vehicular movement. The robust military presence aimed to thwart potential looting and maintain order around the site of the tragic incident.

Residents in the affected area either evacuated voluntarily or sought refuge at Emergency Operation Centres established by the State Government for mandatory structural integrity assessments. Soldiers posted at the scene ensured that only authorized personnel had access.

Concerns about the indiscriminate sale of property to foreigners within the estate were raised by resident Adekunle Ajadi, underscoring the necessity for a review of property acquisition and transfer laws.

Meanwhile, Temitope Alonge, the Head of the Emergency Operation Centre, expressed unwavering commitment to continuing the search for survivors until all victims are located. Earth-moving equipment has been deployed to facilitate debris clearance, with the Operations Emergency team actively engaged in the evacuation process.

Governor Seyi Makinde, in his visits to victims, assured the public that those responsible for the incident would face justice.

Addressing speculations, the Nigerian Army, represented by Maj. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, Director of Army Public Relations, clarified that the explosion was not a terrorist attack. Maj. Gen. Nwachukwu underscored the army’s involvement in rescue missions from the night of the incident, emphasizing that the situation was not indicative of terrorism.

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