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Things To Do When Your Google AdSense Is Suspended



Things To Do When Your Google AdSense Is Suspended


Google’s AdSense program can be a great source of extra income, however it’s important to follow the rules set by Google. If you get on the bad side of Google and they suspend your AdSense account, not too worry, because there are many ways to get it back but first you need to know and resolve what actions may have lead to the suspension of your account first.

In this article,we are going to show  things that you must do to reconnect your account when disconnected.



Things To Do When Your Google AdSense Is Suspended

Things To Do When Your Google AdSense

Things To Do When Your AdSense Account Is Suspended!


Ensure You Updated Everything

  • Google uses a whole lot of signals to decide whether or not they are going to suspend an account, so you will l have to check all these items first before trying to reconnect:


  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date on your website and that Google can connect with you by phone or email if necessary.


  • Make sure everything looks good from a technical standpoint as well no errors, redirects, black hat SEO stuff, etc.


  • Look over your content quality metrics .If you have suddenly fallen way down in terms of readability, chances are that something might be wrong try fixing it.


  • Do you have any ads recently been disapproved? If yes, try removing them and seeing what happens to your traffic and revenue levels before submitting a reconsideration request


  •  Make sure you are complying with AdSense ’s general publisher policies and make sure you don’t have violated any particular program policies within AdSense for Content.


  • Check your bounce rate and average time on site .This could indicate some problems; if so, address those issues directly.


  • Does your site load properly on mobile devices? if no no try to increase the speed of your website.


  • Has there been any negative report about you or your company lately? Negative news often gives Google pause when it comes to issues like these,so consider addressing it head-on if there has been a recent Public relation issue.


  • Did anything significant change about your site such as adding new code, plugins or widgets, merging sites together , changing domain names ? These changes can easily cause account bans if not done improperly, so be very careful when changing anything in your website.


Check Your Traffic And nd Click Activity!


Google provides website owners with detailed statistics on how well their site is performing in terms of activity and traffic. Check your data regularly, especially after you make any changes or updates to your site. If your statistics are decreasing significantly from week to week, contact Google for help. You may be unknowingly violating a policy without realizing it! Stay informed always stay connected with Google support to help you.


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 Investigate Your Referral Traffic!

If you notice that a large amount of your traffic is coming from a certain search engine, click on it. See what sites are sending you traffic. If you are receiving an inordinate amount of traffic from sites that contain counterfeit goods or  spams, Google will most likely suspend your site.

You should also see if you can find out who exactly it was that informed Google about their suspicions that your site contains illegal products or information as long as they did it correctly. Fix all errors, You should immediately be on a mission to clean up everything within your site.

Always go through each individual page of your website and make sure there are no broken links, images, text formatting errors (such as inconsistent capitalization), etc. Make sure there are no 404 pages lying around, either.


 Monitor Your Ads placements!

Google AdSense is a great way for site owners to monetize their websites, but make sure you do not t abuse it. Sites that have spammy, misleading or inappropriate content will likely be suspended from Google’s ad network. Monitor your ad placements carefully and review your site for anything that could violate Google’s policies. If anything seems out of place, move it before you get suspended from using AdSense.


 Double Check Your Website Compliance Status!

If your website is at risk of being suspended, double check that you are in compliance with all Google AdSense policies. There are a few situations where your website might be in violation of AdSense policies, and often it is not easy to spot them.  These tips should help protect you from getting an email from Google AdSense anytime soon! Outdated or broken links: Your visitors click on a link only to find an error message saying Sorry, This page isn’t available. They then leave your site because they can’t find what they were looking for…pretty bad for traffic and conversions, right?


 Fix What You Can, And Confirm It With Support!

It is important to immediately fix any issue that may have resulted in your Google AdSense account being suspended, so you can keep earning revenue from your website. For example, if you have malicious content on your site such as,spammy backlinks, there is a good chance that could lead to a suspension. Use Google Webmaster Tools and make sure no black hat SEO tactics are in place.


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 Don’t Wait, Contact Them Now!

Whenever you noticed that somethings are not going normally in your website, don’t wait until Google send you an email to notify you of the error.always contact them immediately you notice any issue ok n your website.



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