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Stop Funding Criminals And Monsters To Kill People In Our Land~Nnamdi Kanu Warns Politicians.



The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB Nnamdi Kanu has warned politicians especially in the south east to stop funding criminals and monsters to be killing and kidnaping people in the east.

Nnamdi Kanu also said that those funding this criminals are responsible for the killings, kidnaping and Terrorising currently going on in the South East, that they should be reminded that the evil activities of these enemies of the people has given the Security Agencies the free ingress into the land.

Kanu made this known through a message released by his lawyer and lead counsel of IPOB Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor Esq as a routine visit to him in the DSS custody.

According to the message, Kanu asked his thousands of followers to stand up and Protect their land and their generation and urge them never to engage in anything that will endanger their generation.

The Statement Reads

The routine visit to our indefatigable Client – Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (Ohamadike Ndi Igbo) was conducted today, in line with the prevailing Court-Order.

As the D-Day is fast approaching, the need for final dotting of the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’ becomes compelling. Hence, today’s visit is substantially anchored on our last minute preparations.

Onyendu is delighted with the level of preparedness as reported to him, and the anticipated positive outcome, come June 28th, 2022. Since our briefing was purely privileged, it shall remain private until the die is cast.

Onyendu is profoundly enthused with the level of our peoples’ commitments towards reclaiming our land from the marauders desecrating our Land.

Onyendu specifically requested that UmuChineke be reminded as follows:

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1) That by virtue of what you represent, you should be Holy and behave holy at all times, and always be guided by his whiter than snow preachings.

2) That you should be seen to be real Children of God.

3) That it is the responsibility of this generation to protect the next generation, hence, you should never indulge in any act capable of endangering the next generation.

4) That anybody sending funds to the monsters/criminal gangs desecrating and terrorizing our land should count himself/themselves among those fueling the kidnapping, killings and violent crimes on our land, and should be reminded that the evil activities of these enemies of our people has given the Security Agencies the free ingress into our land. The downside resultant effect is that in the course of pursuing this monsters, they ended up abducting and whisking away our innocent sons and daughters caught up in the web.

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5) That the onerous task staring on the face of every UmuChineke now, is to join this formidable front to resist and eradicate all forms of crimes and criminalities on our land, and reclaim our Land. There must be total peace on our Land.

6) That UmuChineke should snoop out the various hideouts of these marauders and flush them out without further ado.

7) That our land is under siege by the presence of these criminal gangs, and they can no longer be tolerated. Total cleansing of our land is demanded.

  1. That our land is holy land and should be kept holy at all times.

Consequently, Onyendu commended UmuChineke for not letting him down, particularly in this trying period, and exceptionally appreciates you all for sustaining the fight towards reclaiming our land from criminal gangs. But above all, for remaining peaceful in your conduct and law abiding. He encourages you all never to relent in keeping on with the good work.

Once again, Onyendu reminds you all, UmuChineke, to remember that as the D-Day approaches, you should intensify your supplications and prayers for the Almighty ChukwuOkike Abiama to take absolute control.

Thank you all and remained richly blessed, UmuChineke.

We move!

Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq.
IPOB’s Lead Counsel.
20th June, 2022.

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