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Sowore Alleges Plan To Secretly Assassinate Nnamdi Kanu.



The #RevolutionNow convener Omoyele Sowore has revealed an alleged secret plans of the federal government of Nigeria to secretly assassinate the detained leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB Nnamdi Kanu who is currently in DSS custody.

According to Sowore the action of the Department Of State Services DSS to bring in a tuberculosis infected inmate closer to Nnamdi Kanu is an agenda intended to murder the Biafra secessionist Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that it was alledged that the DSS introduced a tuberculosis inmate closer to the prison of Nnamdi Kanu which has led to Nnamdi bleeding profusely from his nose.

Also, the lawyer of Nnamdi Kanu Aloy Ejimako after his visit to Nnamdi Kanu in DSS custody confirmed the report,he also said that all the Nnamdi Kanu’s inmate have all contacted the tuberculosis disease.

According to a post on his Twitter handle on Thursday,he said “I visited with #MNK today in the company of Prince Emma Kanu & one of his other Lawyers. Onyendu directed that I extend his profound condolences to Mrs Rachel Nwosu on the demise of her gallant husband.

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“He disclosed that numerous detainees at the DSS have now tested positive for Tuberculosis. He hopes the Nigerian government would alert the WHO & Red Cross to intervene before it becomes a pandemic inside the DSS.

“Onyendu’s poor health persists & he’s still not getting the required care. While I was with him, I observed his noticeable discomfort, malaise & general illhealth. He salutes all who remain faithful & steadfast.

Reacting to the above statement by Ejimako, Sowore said that the action of the DSS is a calculated attempt to secretly assassinate Nnamdi Kanu.

His Words “The surreptitious introduction of Tuberculosis into the DSS detention center means there is a biological warfare agenda intended to murder Nnamdi Kanu in detention after competent courts have granted him release from illegal detention. #RevolutionNow

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