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Writing an entertaining Long-form blog posts that is very  has continued to gain popularity lately, and it is easy to see .

With the increase in digital devices and decreasing attention spans, longer posts are more likely to keep your audience engaged, as they are able to read at their own pace, without the fear of missing out on anything if they move on to another task.

However, creating lengthy content can be difficult if you don’t have any experience doing so.

In this article,we have some tips that will help you write long-form interesting and entertaining blog post with no stress.


Ways To Create A Long And Entertaining Blog Post!

  • Try Use Long Sentences

Readers love to run their eyes down a long, winding sentence.

If you have an idea to convey, consider creating sentences that run on for 20 or 30 words before coming to a period or full stop.

These kinds of sentences are great for getting readers interested in what you are writing about, and they also tend to make your work look more intelligent and sophisticated.

They can be daunting at first but once you get into them they can really lead your content down some fascinating paths!



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  • Be A Story Teller

People like stories. If you are able to frame what you have to say within a relevant story, or as part of a story, you will keep readers engaged and entertained.

It also makes it much easier for your post to go viral, because people love sharing interesting stories they find online with their own friends and networks.

The more entertaining your post is, the more likely it is that others will want to share it.


  • Always Vary Sentence Structure

Did you know that some of your favourite books would be a lot harder to read if every sentence started with I? The same is true for posts.

If every sentence starts with I, then it is pretty boring and monotonous (which means boring).

Varying your sentence structure helps keep your writing engaging. You can do that by using different sentences or adding in a few rhetorical questions here and there.

Also, try starting off some sentences with So or But instead of I. It will change up your post nicely!


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  • Be Detailed In What You Are Writing About

The best way to keep your audience reading is to be detailed in what you are writing about.

Keep them interested by making sure that every sentence you are writing always  gives new information and a new knowledge.

Our advice to you as a writer, is to always tell a story as you write.

There is nothing that keeps readers hooked up more than a good story, so be sure to include one in your post! Use captivating images.

It is much more easier to stop reading a post if there are no captivating pictures attached so we recommend using some.

Not only will this images help break up text,it also makes it less boring, and they can also help give visual examples of what you are talking about.

We don’t always recommend adding too many of the those images because sometimes they can take away from your overall message and distract your audience from your content.

Be concise, writing long posts may sound like a great idea at first, but remember that most people have short attention spans online.


  • Link Between Ideas, Not Just Paragraphs

When writing a post, we intend to focus on what is right in front of us which is the paragraph or sentence we are working on.

The result is a series of disjointed points that may add up to an entertaining read, but are not likely to help your reader absorb new information.

Instead, link ideas together with concepts your readers already know. For example, if you are describing how to use LinkedIn effectively, you might explain how it works by comparing it to Facebook and Twitter.

You can also use analogies (e.g., LinkedIn is like dating: You want lots of people to know you exist and are looking for love.but not everyone will be worth your time or effort!


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  • Always Adopt An Informal Tone

If you want to capture people’s attention, write in a conversational style.

People love and trust things that sound human; so write in a way that sounds like you are having a conversation with someone.

Keep your sentences short and use lots of white space. This will give your writing a relaxed feel without sacrificing its professionalism.

It also makes it easier for readers to read and digest what you have written. You can also try using more personal pronouns such as I or you instead of we or they.


  • Read Thoroughly And Edit, Carefully

Do not always publish your content and move on.always thoroughly read your content and edit to avoid mistakes or typographical errors.

If you post something that ends up being an epic sometimes it fails because it wasn’t properly edited, and it will reflect poorly on you and your brand.

Your credibility will be tarnished if people think that you don’t know how to write correctly.

Whether a line of text is misspelled or there are errors in grammar, get a professional editor to comb through your content before posting it for everyone to see.

You want to look like a professional, right? So act like a professional by making sure everything is free from mistakes and tooks professional too.

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