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Some Tips For Job Hunting On LinkedIn




LinkedIn is a powerful career-boosting site. However, many people are not sure on how to make the most use of them when it comes to their job search.

If you are looking for work in your field, but can not find anyone who will give you the time or your type of job,consider using LinkedIn to help you stand out from the crowd and get the job you want.

Follow these steps to search for work on LinkedIn so that you can start getting results that pay off in your new career!


Tips For Job Hunting On LinkedIn.




  • Update Your Profile!

In order to appear at top of searches, your profile must be updated.Update your profile picture and put keywords in as many places as possible.

These will help people find you when they are searching for specific skill sets that you have.

If you are looking at another potential employee’s profile or a candidate, there is a good chance that they have an up-to-date profile too.

Make sure yours is too! because a bad profile can be worse than no profile at all.


  • Connect With People In Your Field!

This is a very simple step but powerful. Find people who work in your field and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Not only will they be more likely to read your resume ,and thus invite you to a job interview. but they will know what it is like to work in your field and can offer advice on how best to proceed.

Once you build up your network, stay connected by commenting or liking their posts or updates. You never know when a friend may have an opportunity that fits you perfectly!



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  • Learn What Recruiters Are Looking For!

When you are actively looking for a job, finding and connecting with people in your field is one of your most important priorities.

This will help you network and build relationships that can help you land your next big job.

You should also search Industry professionals or other similar terms on LinkedIn.

This will generate a list of professionals in your industry who are not connected to you and may be interested in hearing from someone new.

Reach out to them via email, or follow up if they have been active on their profile within the last week.

Once you have identified potential connections, go through their profile and see if there are any ways you could help them out.

Maybe they need an introduction to another professional? Maybe they have a project they need some advice on? Whatever it is, send them an email along with a quick note explaining how you might be able to help them.


  • Learn How To  Get Into Contact With Recruiters!

Recruiters are probably going to be your most valuable asset when you are looking for a job.

It is extremely difficult if not impossible to get hired by an employer who doesn’t have any knowledge of your existence. Fortunately, there are plenty of recruiters online,and many that exclusively search specifically for talent via social media channels like LinkedIn.

Reach out to them! don’t let them find you, make sure they know who you are and what you can do.

If they see potential in working with you, they may send over some information about open positions at their company or even contact their client companies directly.

And remember to always keep in touch with these people! Your relationship with them will only grow stronger as time goes on and more opportunities arise.


  • Connect With Company Alumni Associations

Most companies have an alumni association that you can find through LinkedIn or by doing a web search.

If there is not an alumni association, then try connecting with employees you know directly.

These connections can lead to valuable information about how a company works, what its culture is like and who you should contact about your interest in employment there.

You may even be able to secure an informational interview with someone at your target company which could be invaluable when the time comes to make a job application.



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  • Write An Excellent Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be a pitch about why you are right for a specific job,and it should sound professional.

It doesn’t have to be long, but it does need to get straight to your point.

If your cover letter is just a summary of your resume or if it sounds like you are simply checking off boxes, hiring managers will quickly move past your application.

A great cover letter shows that you understand what skills and experiences that are required for a position and why those match up with your own skills and experiences.

It also gives some insight into who you are as an employee and how you might fit in at an organization.

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