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Some Leading Affiliate Marketing Companies Based In Nigeria



Affiliate Marketing has become one of the fastest way of making money online without much work or stress.

If you are looking to make some extra money online or if you are interested in joining or starting your own affiliate marketing business, it can be quite hard to find a good affiliate network to join or an affiliate program that pays reasonably well.

If that is your worries, this article will help you to find some of the leading affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria, and how you can register.


Some Leading Affiliate Marketing Companies In Nigeria!

  • Whogohost Hosting Company!

Affiliate Marketing


Whogohost is a website hosting company that has a very good present in the Nigeria website hosting industr.It is where you can purchase your website hosting packages for your website and get a free domain name for life.

As an affiliate marketer, when you register to become an affiliate marketer of whogohost, your duty is to direct customers to whogohost website convincing them to purchase a whogohost website hosting plan, through your quality content write-ups, and aldo placing your affiliate link or banner in your website.

As an affiliate marketer of Whogohost, when any customer purchases a hosting plan using your affiliate link you get a 15% commission of the plan amount.

To become a whogohost website hosting company, simply log on and register.


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  • Konga Online Shopping!


Konga online shopping is one of the biggest and the leading shopping company in Nigeria, which deals on;

  • Electronic
  • Phones And Accessories
  • Computers
  • Fashions
  • Shoes
  • Household Equipments
  • Wines
  • Babies Items
  • Furnitures
  • And Kitchen Equipment.

They also run a door to door delivery services anywhere in Nigeria.

As an affiliate marketer, you can register with konga as one of their online or offline marketer and earn and interesting commission on every sale using your affiliate link.

Konga has to different Affiliate program, which you can join based on your interest and what you can do.

To join Konga online affiliate program simply log on to their website follow the instructions and register.


  • Bet9ja Betting Company!

Affiliate Marketing

Bet9ja is Nigeria’s number one online and shop betting company, that offer you an interesting odds as a player and a good commission as an agent,o from different betting events such as;

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Criket
  • Handball
  • Tennis long and short,
  • Virtual games.
  • And other interesting betting programs in their platforms.

As an affiliate amarketer, joining bet9ja affiliate marketing program,is soo easy and simple.with bet9ja affiliate marketing, you can be earning cool cash by just referring players using your bet9ja affiliate referral link which is placed on your website.

To register for bet9ja affiliate marketing program here is the link register and get started.


  • 1XBet Betting Company!

Affiliate Marketing

1xbet is another Nigerian online betting company, which also has similar offer with bet9ja.1xbet has a higher betting bonuses and high commission for their online players and agents.

If you are a begginner in affiliate marketing business, getting started with 1xbet as their affiliate marketer, will be a good way to kick start your affiliate marketing journey.because their registration and their partner support is very simple and also pays high commissions to their numerous affiliate marketers.

To join 1xbet affiliate marketing program and start earning easy cash simply log on to and follow the instructions.


  • Jumia Online Shopping!




Jumia Online Shopping is another biggest and popular online shopping site in Nigeria, and it has been known for many years as the best online platform where you can purchase any items of your choice, and have them delivered to you at your door step.

In Jumia Online Shopping stores you can buy all your;

  • Electronic
  • Fashions
  • Home And Office Appliances
  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Accessories
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Babies
  • And other interesting items you can think of.

So as an affiliate marketer, that your niche is about electronic and anything related, you can make alot of money by signing up for Jumia Online affiliate marketing,if you have a good and attractive website which you will be use to directing online customers to Jumia online stores using your affiliate links which will be placed on your website.

Jumia has interesting commissions for their numerous affiliate marketers in and across Nigeria.

To join Jumia Online affiliate Marketing Program, simply visit their website and register.


  • Jiji Nigeria




Jiji is Nigeria’s number one online property shopping platform, where you can buy and sell any property both new and used and get buyers with having any stress.

In jiji, you can buy properties like, House, Electronic,Toys Wears,Cars Phones, Office And House Appliances Computer, Jewelries, Shoes Wrist Watches and other items.

Becoming a jiji affiliate marketer is very easy and exciting, because jiji on its own will setup a professional page for you where you will be constantly earning your commissions with no stress.all you have to do is to simply work with the information which will be provided for you by the jiji affiliate team.

To become a jiji affiliate marketer simply visit their online website at. and register.


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