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Some Easy Steps To Get Verified On Facebook




Facebook account verification some times for some people be very hard to archive, while many will also be thinking if there are things special about getting verified on Facebook?

To me, there are no much thing when your Facebook account is verified because the whole point of being verified is to be recognized as the real you.

In this article today we will show some steps to take when trying to get your Facebook account verified.


  • Steps To Get Your Facebook Account Verified

Facebook Account Verification

The first you need to take when trying to get your personal account verified, is to start with your business’ fan page. Since only pages can be used for verification purposes as this is a security feature, click Switch to Page on your personal profile and follow these steps


  • Find Your Profile URL!

Another step of gaining a verified status on Facebook is finding your profile URL. Go to your account, click on Edit Profile in the left sidebar and then move over Basic Information in the right sidebar until you see a pop-up menu. Select Show in Blue under Contact Info if it is not already enabled. Your profile URL will be displayed beneath your name at the top of your page.


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  • Logging Into Facebook Through Another Account!

Many people get verified by logging into their profile on another platform and then logging out. While it may seem like an obvious step, you will be surprised how many people forget to take it

Logging in through Google or Twitter is a quick way to do it. If you have several devices (laptop, desktop computer, phone), try logging in from each one. The more places you log in from, the better your chances of getting verified will be.but logging in your account on a different devices that are not yours might be risky at times to avoid your account being hacked so apply with caution.


  • Applying For A Username And Avatar Change!

When you apply for a username and avatar change, Facebook asks you to verify your identity by uploading an image of your driver’s license, passport or other official document. Many people fail to realize that they can use any type of photo they like while applying, so long as it is professional looking and clearly shows their full name and birthday it can also be accepted.


  • Copying Photos From Other Profiles

Getting verified on Facebook is as easy as following a few steps. Here is what you need to do , Log in to your Facebook account.  Go to Settings, then click Account Settings, and choose Your Facebook Information from the menu options along the left side of your screen (it looks like an ID card).

Click Edit next to Contact Info, and fill out your phone number and email address.

Type a message about yourself (this will help your friends understand why they should vouch for you), and click save Changes at the bottom of your page.

Ask all your close friends to review their contacts, find their name within it, look up their profile photo and right-click it so that it appears in a new window. This makes it easier to copy photos.

Select all these images using Command+A on Mac OS X or Control+A on Windows. Then copy them by pressing Command+C or Control+C respectively.


  • Completing The Profile Form And Waiting For Approval!

Every time you sign up for a new account on a website, you are usually required to fill out an online form and wait for approval. However, your profile won’t be approved until you complete a photo verification process.

In order to get verified on Facebook, log in and visit your Settings > Security > Verification page. Fill out all of your details as completely as possible and click Next to send it through.


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  • Submitting A List Of Keywords!

If you have ever tried to create a Facebook page before, you may have run into an issue where you submit your page and it takes hours, or even days for your page to be approved.

The problem is not with Facebook’s approval process. It’s with spamming sites that are submitting hundreds of pages a day so that their clients can get around paying for advertising on Facebook.


  • Updating Your Additional Info!

The first thing you will want to do is visit your profile, then click About at the top of your personal info section. Here, you can add details such as employment, location and interests that may make it easier for people to find you.

If any of these things have changed since your last update,and they probably have!, update them there. Your information is also what others will see when they click on your page to learn more about you.



  • Letting Friends Know You Have Changed Profiles

One of the best ways to ensure you get your friends’ attention is to tag them in a post. That way, they will be notified that you have changed your profile picture and may take a look. Posting on a friend’s Timeline also helps ensure that friends will see your profile first rather than having to search for it.


  • Requesting A Badge or Optional Profile!

Name Under Pages and Apps Others Use
First, ensure that you are eligible to get a verification badge or optional profile name by checking these requirements. If so, click on Edit Page and scroll down to Page Settings (towards the bottom of your settings page).

The badge or optional profile name request form is in one of those sections. You will have to choose between requesting a badge or requesting an optional profile name.Note that not all types of pages qualify for either of these requests.


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