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Some Biggest Blogging Mistakes Beginners Always Make



Blogging mistakes always occur especially as a beginner in blogging beginner you need to be careful for that you won’t make the mistake that will become costly to your blogging career

The blogging environment has witnessed a significant explosion over recent years and the competition has severely
grown in every possible niche, and for that reason, new bloggers must raise their standards in whatever niche they have chosen and understand the difficulty that lies behind the idea of  running a
successful blog.

There are so many significant factors that will influence your blog or website
performance, and before you embark on the journey of blogging, it is important you understand them properly.

They are the:

  • value,quality, and relevancy of your content marketing.

  • your blog’s branding strategy.

  • your blog’s marketing, advertising, and sales strategy.

  • Your ability to adapt to the everchanging marketplace’s shifts.

  • Your digital marketing

    knowledge and skills.

  • Your consistency and persistence.

  • Your passion.

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As a begginner in  blogging, you might be overwhelmed by the number
of responsibilities you face. You might be thinking “if you are doing
it right?” or “you should proceed differently?” at every step of the

The lack of knowledge and experience will make you doubt yourself, and that is what triggers most of the issues in blogging.

To help solve some of the issues and the mistakes young bloggers make, we will highlight some of the biggest
blogging mistakes that you might be regularly doing as a new

Kindly pay attention,read carefully, take some notes, and make sure you
start improving your blogging experience immediately!

Some Mistakes New Bloggers Always Make!

Blogging mistakes

  • Not Having Specific Goals When Starting A Blog!

If you expect a project to be successful in your blogging carrier, you will definitely need to have a specific goals. A blog is not just a project, but rather a business that
needs a specific direction.

Many bloggers especially the newbies fail to set precise goals, and that is when this issues begins. Without a proper direction or roadmap,you will never reach the destination.

Therefore, the best way to ensure your blog’s stability and long term performance is to decide long-term goals and separate
them into smaller chunks. Establish milestones, create deadlines, and stick to your plan no matter what.

Not Understanding Your Blog Target Audience!

Another huge problem or problem being faced by newbies bloggers,in blogging industry is not understanding their plog targeted audience.

Having a great understanding of your target audience is absolutely critical if you want to succeed in the blogging environment.After all, a blog is a place where specific people spend time in order to solve specific needs or satisfy specific problems.

The keyword here is “specific”. If you don’t focus on satisfying a specific audience, your content’s relevancy will drop and so
will your blog’s performance. Now you probably understand.

Why most bloggers fail is simply because of lack of relevancy and you can only become relevant if you have a strict and efficient plan on how to approach the people
that will be truly interested in what you have to offer in your website or blog.


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  •  Lack Of Blogging Knowledge And Skills!

A Lots of successful bloggers are now focusing on teaching other people how to create a thriving blog. Most of these
professional, are omitting many important facts such as the necessity of blogging knowledge and skills.

In some cases, they will promise big results
without asking for significant requirements.
the truth is that there is no magic that you will do to make your blog successful overnight.

You must need the blogging industry knowledge and skills in order to succeed in blogging business so imagining that you can jump into blogging with the relevant skills might only sabotage your self-confidence as the time goes by.


  •  Having Low Or Average Content!

This is the main issues that is really dealing with bloggers especially the begginners and those who do not have the blogging skills especially when applying for Google AdSense one of the main reason to not be accepted is mostly due to poor or average content.

To set your blog apart, you must need to develop an amazing high quality content that offers true value. Well, we know that in some time to think out a high quality content can be very difficult but that is how to set your website apart from other blogs.

Because you can not impress people if the information you are sharing is poor or on average. and If the topics you choose to cover have been discussed a million times before, don’t even expect huge results unless you added a new dimension different from what others have been talking about.

Generally, people are looking for original blogs that do not follow the crowd. If your passion and commitment are pronounced,you must find ways to surprise your audience with original,insightful contents  and a different value proposition all together.


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  • Not Having  A Well Developed Marketing Plan!

How are you going to make your blog popular? Many bloggers start their activities without planning ahead.Well, as we have mentioned before, standing out from the crowd is hard than ever, especially because of the big competition that all of us have to face.An effective marketing strategy is absolutely necessary for your blog’s success.

Some of the techniques you can use to at least attract targeted traffic to your blog:

  • Optimize your content for the search engines (SEO).
  • Build a social media presence and consistently share your
  • Use influencers to improve the reach of your blog.
  • Be active in niche forum communities and offer value
    through your comments.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers and exchange backlinking
  • Leverage guest posting to gain extra traffic.


  • Not Having Attractive Headlines That Draw Enough Attention!

The role of a headline is to attract and inspire readers to click.Many newbie bloggers fail to understand the role and importance of a well-developed headline, so they simply post their content without giving it too much thought.As a begginner in blogging, before you post your next article, make sure you find a specific, interesting, and attractive headline.

  • Not Regularly Engaging With Your Audience!

How do you make your blog extremely popular? it is simply by making people to
fall in love with your content, give them the necessary appreciation, and show them your personal side.One of the biggest mistakes a blogger can do is ignore their, prospects followers, and customers when they get in touch with them.

For example, when you receive a negative comment on one of your posts, you should immediately answer it diplomatically. I

If it is about  a bad product review? you will need to ensure that you are answering the prospects’ concerns.the reason is simple: if more people see that you are not interested in solving other people’s problems, they will concludet that you lack reliability and professionalism and to solve their problem and they will never want to deal with you again.




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