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Some Affiliate Marketing Companies In Nigeria



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Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has seen tremendous growth in the past few years, as more businesses and brands have realized the importance of getting involved in online marketing and advertising.

If you are looking to make some extra cash online or if you are interested in starting your own affiliate marketing business, it can be difficult to find a good affiliate marketing network to join or an affiliate program that pays reasonably well.

That is why we decided to list out some of the best affiliate marketing companies you can join as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

Some Affiliate Marketing Companies In Nigeria:


Affiliate marketing

  • Yinc Nigeria.

Yinc is a Nigerian internet company that offers fast and reliable broadband services.partnering with telecommunications firms, Yinc provides affordable high-speed internet service to both individuals and businesses.It also offers mobile data plans through its telecoms partners. For bloggers, Yinc offers a lucrative affiliate marketing program.

So as an affiliate marketer, joining Yinc affiliate marketing program, will be best for because you will get paid by promoting Yinc products and directing customers to their website with your affiliate marketing link placed on your website.



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  • Outbrain Company!

Outbrain is an innovative Israeli company focused on recommendation software. It enables digital publishers to maximize their revenue with a highly relevant and performance driven product.More than 2,500 clients use Outbrain’s platform to create personalized content recommendation widgets for over 50 million web visitors per month

As a professional in affiliate marketing or a begginner, becoming an affiliate marketer with this company which has very large number of coverage and audience will be a good move to making a cool cash on the internet by just promoting the brand.


  • LinkShare Affiliate Marketing Company!

Linkshare is an advertising and affiliate running company, which has over 50,000 affiliates. It provides affiliates with a wide range of tools including banners, text links, email marketing and social media widgets.

LinkShare’s pay-per-click model allows advertisers to choose where their ads appear across all affiliate sites. Advertisers can also create their own custom affiliate ad campaigns via its self-service platform.


  • Adscend Media!

Adscend media is an affiliate network is an advertising media and content and network serving, It has good relationships with top brands in most industries.As an affiliate marketer with adscend media,your offers will get noticed by people who matters in your line of content. It also allows you to customize your ad units yourself and use them on many sites.

In 2015, Adscend media generated NGN11 billion worth of sales from over 6 million advertisers, 40 thousand websites and more than 500 mobile applications.becomig their affiliate marketer, will be a good deal.


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  • Adverum Marketing Company!

This is a Nigerian-owned and operated online marketing company, Adverum offers affordable and unique marketing services to suit your needs as a marketer.

Adverum is mainly serving primarily businesses in Lagos and Abuja, though the company understands that every business is different.This is why they offer tailor-made solutions based on your goals and budget. They also have excellent training resources available on their website for you to use even after hiring them as your affiliate marketer.


  • Digital Point!

One of Africa’s leading community of webmasters, developers and marketers. Digital Point is a large online community designed to provide information, services and support to anyone interested in internet related topics.

Whetheryou are looking for tips and tricks on how to better market your site or seeking general business advice, Digital Point has hundreds of experienced members willing to help you out with any questions you may have.

So,as an affiliate marketer with digital point you tend to enjoy high commission rate as their affiliate marketer as you are referring and offering information to their customers in your site using your affiliate link code placed on your website.



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  • PagaNetwork

Paga is an online paymentnetwork, they offers an impressive affiliate program with a 90% revenue sharing commission and an innovative payout method called CashCoins.Paganetwork is  available to all Nigerian merchants, PagaNetwork is ideal for those new to affiliate marketing. Having been in operation since 2009  it’s one of Africa’s most experienced affiliate networks.


  • infinity Media!

At Zainfinity Media, we offer a holistic approach to Internet marketing for small businesses. From getting website visitors to converting them into leads, customers and even as affiliates, we take care of all your needs by offering top of the line strategies. We believe in working with our clients from start to finish.


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