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Sagamu Riots: Omooba Dre Bello Breaks Silence Over Allegations Of Him Sponsoring Protest



Omooba Damilare Bello has reacted to the allegations of him sponsoring the ongoing protest, in Sagamu Ogun state .

In his response over the allegations against him that he was the brain behind Monday’s riot in Sagamu town, where over three commercial banks were burnt, and other properties destroyed, Omooba,Bello, who is also the People’s Democratic Party Sagamu Constituency 1 candidate, said he never had any hand in the said protest.

In a press statement signed by him and observed by Eaglesforesight correspondent, the which the copy of the statement was made available to DAILYNEWSLINK,he said the accusation is a way to kill his character to gain cheap political relevance after being rejected by the good people of Sagamu.

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The Statement Reads;

I was on my way to my dad’s house when I received calls that my billboards and banners are been destroyed by some hoodlums. I went to the scene that was reported to me, since it is very closer to my dad’s house.

On getting there to access the situation; I met many youths while i challenged them of the irrational acts, I addressed them together to shun violence.

I immediately placed a call to the chief of staff to His Royal Majesty, Oba Adewale Ajayi Babatunde, the Akarigbo and paramount ruler of Remo land, to disclose to the palace the boiling situation in the town as I was told many places have been destroyed in town.

The chief of staff pleaded for me to call the sagamu Peace Agenda’s Forum (SPAF) coordinator for a possible intervention which I did and he told me he will see what he can do.

Driving down a bit I saw the patrol team of Shakura police ably led by the DPO and a known police officer, inspector Kazeem.

They both also appealed to the protesters together with me.

It should also come to our peoples attention that all four party candidates billboards and banners was equally destroyed and burnt by the angry youth.

Ogbeni Afolabi Odulate, the Council Executive Chairman made a statement that I have a pre knowledge of the protest, this is absolutely false and blatant lies against my personality, we all know the protests is happening everywhere nationwide and we have been appealing for calmness via social media and even sagamu youth president also call for calmness and shun of violence.

The protesters did not even allow my vehicle to pass at Ita-oba until i pleaded for some minutes, Barrister Obanewa car was actually behind mine and he’s a witnesses to the incident.

It’s very appalling that, the Council Chairman who ought to be taking responsibility for his failure to protect the lives and properties of the masses is now shifting blame on individuals and the opposition party which i belong to.

For the fact that I’m ready and will be awaiting his threatening press statement to order the DSS to invite me, he should also be ready to hear from my lawyer, suing him for defamation of character against my personality.

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