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Prominent PDP Member Daniel Bwala Expresses Readiness to Serve Under President Tinubu



In an unexpected turn of events, Daniel Bwala, a prominent member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), known for his vocal criticism of President Bola Tinubu, has declared his willingness to accept an appointment from the President, should it be extended to him. Bwala made this surprising revelation during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics program, shedding light on his recent meeting with President Tinubu at the Presidential Villa.

The lawyer and politician, who previously served as the spokesperson of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council for the 2023 elections, expressed his readiness to support Tinubu’s development agenda through any possible appointment. Despite being critical of the President in the past, Bwala emphasized that his commitment lies in contributing to the development agenda, and an appointment would be welcomed if it aligns with this objective.

During the interview, Bwala addressed the reactions sparked by his decision to back Tinubu, given his prior role as a key figure within the PDP. Having been a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) before, Bwala left the party after a disagreement over Tinubu’s choice of running mate, naming Kashim Shettima. He expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to select a Muslim running mate despite Tinubu being a Muslim himself. Subsequently, he joined the PDP and supported Atiku Abubakar, who chose a Christian, former Delta governor Ifeanyi Okowa, as his running mate.

Bwala dismissed the notion that his decision to support Tinubu was based on seeking a political appointment. He asserted that his support is rooted in a belief in the value he can contribute, regardless of whether he holds an official position or not. Drawing a distinction between those craving appointments and those focused on adding value, Bwala highlighted his previous eight-year support for President Buhari without holding an official position.

In explaining his role as the spokesperson for the PDP during the previous campaign, Bwala likened it to that of a salesman, where he showcased the strengths of the party’s product while downplaying the competition.

Despite the surprise in Bwala’s shift in allegiance, he emphasized that he had informed Atiku Abubakar about his meeting with President Tinubu, indicating a level of transparency in his political decisions. The revelation adds a layer of intrigue to the evolving political landscape as the 2023 elections draw nearer.

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