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Prof. Gold C.W, A Symbol Of Democracy, Good Women In Governance That The World Should Emulate And Celebrate – Showunmi



The inadequate number of women in decision-making positions explained the country’s low investment and slow progress in some of the crucial sectors of human development outcomes.

No wonder why the likes of Prof. Gold C.W. Emmanuel, the Deputy Chairman of the PDP-UK Chapter, also the Deputy Director of the PDP, PCC Diaspora was trusted with key positions to oversee the project on policy making for the People’s Democratic Party campaign.

These are men and women seen as democracy fighter that political parties and the country must not forgot anytime soon.

However, Mr Segun Showunmi and Prof Gold the deputy director of PDP Diaspora Uk, who’s also a close associate’s of PDP Presidential Candidate, Former Vice president of Nigeria Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Both Prof Gold and Former Presidential campaign Spokesman in the 2019 General Election are both the pride of our great party Nationally and Internationally. They both deserved our commendations. Rev Olusola Salau affirmed.

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Today, there was a successful protest in Trafalgar Square where 1000s of people witnessed and heard our messages. We have done this intentionally because we wanted British citizens to start demanding accountability and transparency for the £5Million given for the Nigerian elections.

The message was clear:

The United Kingdom partially funded our elections, they should retract their congratulations until they are able to give account of the processes of the elections and not when the elections are being widely protested by oppositions and citizens. 

We have today asked the British citizens to demand accountability from their government with regards to the sham elections.

We made it clear that the election was a sham, thus an inappropriate use of the funds.

We made it clear that the full and complete results were not uploaded before pronunciations, and when they were, there were discrepancies.

We made it clear that the whole nation was asleep when INEC treacherously announced the unacceptable results which were made up figures, agreed by few compromised officials.

We made it clear that 25% including FCT means 25% including FCT and as things stand, the selected person has not met this criteria!

We demanded for a rerun.

We asked for a fair judicial system.

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We shall continue to have such similar protests and the next one is on the 4th and 5th in Washington DC in conjunction with NADECO.

Despite the key role women played in the country, they were still largely absent from national and local decision-making bodies; but they struggled to have voice in issues and concerns affecting them.

According to information gathered by The Eaglesforesight from a source, the highest political level of governance must embrace gender equality principles and practice for any meaningful change to occur in the country, adding that this has been adopted as a yardstick at the global level for measuring progress.

Prof. Gold C.W. Emmanuel, the Deputy Chairman of the PDP-UK Chapter, also the Deputy Director of the PDP, PCC Diaspora.

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