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Prince Odi Okojie Dedicates House Of Reps Certificate To Wife Mercy Johnson



Prince Odi Okojie Dedicates House Of Assembly Certificate To Wife Mercy Johnson photo Credit |Instagram Prince Odi Okojie

Prince Odi Okojie husband of popular Nigerian nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie on Friday, dedicated his house of Representatives certificate of return to his wife, saying that she has brought her lock and fortune in everything he does.

According to Prince Odi Okojie,he said that dedicating his House Of Reps certificate of return to his wife is appreciate his fervent role she played to the cause of him winning the election.

In a lengthy appreciation post he wrote on Facebook, Prince Odi described Mercy Johnson as the “Love of his life and “Queen of his life”

He Wrote

“Words will fail me if I have to describe you and what you mean to me over and over again. When I count my blessings, your place on my list is NUMBER ONE, nothing or no one can ever change that.

“Our formidable Union have continued to soar not because of our perfections. Are we even perfect? It is largely because God got His eyes on us permanently fixed. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and everyone can see it Clearly.

“Queen of my Life, may I seize this time once more to adore you immensely for your fervent role in this humonguous call to serve my people, our people. For the invaluable support you keep rendering, for the timeless backing you give me, for the unending prayers, love, care and everything deserving of a man in my place, I say thank you my darling wife. Obulu! Obulu!! Obulu!!!

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“You have endeared yourself as a truly blessed “Obhiaha” of a reputable standards to my Esan Heritage, you have demonstrated what a true supportive wife of a man should be and this has landed us many successes and by the special grace of God Almighty we will journey together hand in hand to the end in our continued quest for our humanitarian and philanthropic outreaches in kind service to humanity.

“Before I drop off, I want you to know that my love and appreciation to you for all your effort to this victory for our Constituency is immeasurable and may God in His infinite Love and Mercy, continue to shine His light of glory on you, for in me is the reflection of that grace, abundance, splendour and grandeur your bare.

“For this and many more, I am dedicating this certificate of Return to you my dear wife. Your quintessential role in the entire process leading up to this win earns it for you.

I Love you Baby!

Your Darling Husband’


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