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President Buhari Vow To Defend Democracy In Africa



President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his commitment to protect the democracy and ensuring good governance in the African continent .

President Buhari gave the assurance in the course of a one-day State Visit to the embattled West African country,Guinea Bissau on Wednesday.

He also gave words of encouragement to the people of the country for standing with the democratically chosen administration of President Umaro Sissoco Embaló against threats by undemocratic forces.

Also in the visit,the President was conferred the country’s highest national honour, the Amilcar Cabral Award and the naming of a major street in Bissau, the capital city, after him.

Speaking in the meeting,Mr President said that he is personally grateful to the government of Guinea Bissau, the President,and the people of the country.

“In the course of this one-day official visit to Bissau today, we had an opportunity to review the state of our bilateral relations, and to share concerns on the challenges facing us in the region. I very much appreciate the naming of two roads in my honour, as well as being conferred with the highest honour of Guinea Bissau.

“I am personally grateful to you, your government and the people of this fine country. I believe all of these were possible because of the persevering stand of Nigeria in ensuring that Guinea Bissau remains on the side of Democratic Governance.

“Nigeria’s strong stand through the ECOWAS, in insisting and pushing for the full implementation of the Conakry Peace Agreement by imposing sanctions on nineteen (19) individuals who impeded the implementation of the Conakry Agreement helped to restore peace that now prevails in Guinea Bissau.

“Guinea Bissau and Nigeria have come a long way. Our cordial relations date back to Guinea Bissau’s liberation struggle from Portugal when Nigeria supported the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde.

“Nigeria has on its own, as well as through ECOWAS, intervened at critical periods in the life of this country, making immense direct contributions as well as, by supporting international efforts on the peace process in Guinea Bissau. This fact has further reinforced our relations, enhanced understanding and trust between our two countries.”

The President then congratulated the people of Guinea Bissau for rallying around Abhay , a name he fondly calls “the energetic and visionary President Embalo.’’

He encouraged the people of Bissau-Guineans to support the entrenchment of democratic values in their country, saying:

‘‘You should always ensure that the electoral process is conducted in free and fair conditions.”

President Buhari concluded his address by assuring President Embalo of the continued disposition of Nigeria towards reinforcing cooperation with Guinea Bissau both at bilateral and multilateral levels.

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