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President Buhari Bids Farewell To Outgoing Angola And UAE Ambassadors



President Muhammadu Buhari has bidded his farewell to the outgoing Angolan Ambassador to Nigeria His Excellency, Dr Eustaquio Januario Quibato and Dr Fahad Obaid Al Taffaq, United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Nigeria after their both tenures comes to an end.

President Buhari thanks them for their diligent services to Nigeria during the course of their stay in Nigeria.

Two outgoing Ambassadors were hosted in farewell audiences at State House, Abuja, Thursday by President Muhammadu Buhari, and they had kind words to say about their tour of duty in Nigeria.

Spesking in the meeting in Abuja, His Excellency, Dr Eustaquio Januario Quibato Ambassador of Republic of Angola to Nigeria,thanked the President Buhari for giving him an enabling environment to discharge their duties.

He also described President Muhammadu Buhari as a”Wise leader, and commended him for being the champion of Anti corruption in Africa.

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“What a wise leadership you’ve been giving to Nigeria,” for being the Champion of Anti-Corruption in Africa, and for degrading the Boko Haram insurgency group”. he said.

The outgoing Ambassador also lauded President Buhari for repositioning the Nigerian economy to be less import dependent.

President Buhari on his part,recalled the role Nigeria played in the liberation of Angola, noting that the Nigeria uses its size and resources to help sister African nations as much as possible.

He said despite the rash of military coups in some parts of the continent, “democracy is still the best option.”

In another audience, President Buhari received the outgoing Ambassador of United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dr Fahad Obaid Al Taffaq, saying he was quite glad that Nigeria made a good impression on him, as he stated in his remarks.

Recalling that he had been well received anytime he visited UAE, President Buhari assured that the two countries will continue to improve on their relationship, “as we have so much in common.”

Dr Taffaq on the other hand,equally pledged that the two countries will continue to work “on the details of our relationship,” adding that he made lots of friends in government, the private sector, and civil society, in his five-year stay.

He said he traveled extensively in Nigeria, and has come to understand the diversity and culture of the people.

“I am leaving with beautiful memories. I will continue to be close to Nigeria in different capacities,” the Ambassador promised.

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