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Old Naira Deadline; El Rufai Said The Truth -Fani Kayode



Femi Fani Kayode an APC chieftain has praised the governor of Kaduna State Nasir El Rufai over what he said about the conspiracy theories against the presidential candidate of APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

El Rufai had in his statewide broadcast on Thursday,said that those who are misleading the President through the naira redesign and swap policy, are cabals in presidency who are angry after their preferred candidate failed in the party’s presidential primaries in June 2022.

El Rufai Said “It is now clear that the President has been deceived by the Central Bank of Nigeria and some elements in his government into buying into this overarching narrative, in the name of ensuring free and fair elections in 2023”.

“It is important for the people of Kaduna State, and indeed Nigeria, to know that contrary to the public pronouncements and apparent good intentions, this policy was conceived and sold to the President by officials who completely lost out in the Gubernatorial and Presidential Primaries of the APC in June 2022”.

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“Once Asiwaju Bola Tinubu emerged as the candidate in June 2022, and subsequently did not pick one of them as his running mate, this currency redesign policy was conceived to ensure that the APC presidential candidate is deprived of what they alleged is a humongous war chest. They also sought to achieve any one or more of following objectives:

Reacting to the above statement, Fani Kayode who was recently released by DSS after a coup claim he made against the Nigerian Military,in a post on Facebook declared El Rufai as the hero of the moment.

He also,Kayode claimed that those that hatched and plotted the conspiracy to stop Tinubu, and that are attempting to set the country ablaze and destroy Nigeria’s democracy have failed.

Femi Fani Kayode Wrote 👇

“The hero of the moment is Nasir El Rufai. He has spoken the truth.

“Festus Keyamo confirmed that truth in a most eloquent and courageous manner on Channels TV’s ‘Politics Today’ last night.

“Those that hatched and plotted the conspiracy to stop BAT and that are attempting to set our nation ablaze and destroy our democracy have failed.

“Next Saturday this matter will finally be concluded, the hopes of the conspirators shall be dashed and our collective enemies shall not only be roundly humiliated and convincingly defeated but also confined to the dustbin of history.

“After that Godwin the Greed shall start preparing his handover notes and getting ready for a date with the DSS whilst Ibn Dubai and his long list of court jesters, perverts, reprobates, thugs, crooks, liars, saboteurs, traitors and men friends shall return to Abu Dhabi and Peter the Pooh shall go back to selling condoms, beer, toothpaste, tomatoe puree and toilet paper.

“Never forget that we are WARRIORS, we have NO fear and we always win!

“Bola Ahmed Tinubu SHALL, by the grace of God, be the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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