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Nigerians Are living In Multidimensional Poverty – Peter Obi.



The presidential candidate for labour party Mr Peter Gregory Obie has said that Nigerians are living under a multidimensional poverty as a result of voting in bad leaders.

Peter Obi made this statement on Friday when he attended a meeting organised by Nigerian National Council NNC at the ecumenical center in Abuja.

According to Obi Nigerians have been unlucky in terms of selecting those to lead in an election or in any other ways of selecting leaders.

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Mr Obi attributed the current sufferings of Nigeria as a result of the cumulative bad government and leaders produced in the country in previous years.

He further advised Nigerians to take their future in their hands by taking politics serious especially the forthcoming presidential election in orde not to make a mistake by not voting in credible leaders in the election.

It’s most regrettable that many Nigerians are today living under multidimensional poverty. For the past years, all we have produced is misery, this is the cumulative effect of bad leadership. Everyone must now care about politics.

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