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Nigeria Can Be A Renewable Superpower If… Boris Johnson



United Kingdom’s former prime minister Boris Johnson, on Monday, attended Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation 16th Annual Lecture Series with the theme, ‘Rehumanising Human Experience in Lagos.’

Boris Johnson who also deliverd a powerful keynote address at the occasion, said that Nigeria as a nation can be a renewable superpower, not only in the African continent, but in the world.

Boris Johnson further stated that it is now time for Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, the major practicers of democracy in the world to raise up and takeover the leadership of the world.

He further advocated for Nigerians to be given free hand in selecting leaders in order to remove bad leadership from the country.

His Words

“Now is the time. When the world is so uncertain, when some nations are disentangling, now is the time for the UK and Nigeria, two great democracies to work together.

“Nigeria can be a renewable superpower and still be a producer of oil and gas. We could be much more together.”

Borris Johnson’s insisted that democracy still remains the best option for the people, adding that it was the fear that the Russian people may go the democratic way that forced Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

He however expressed hope that Ukraine would win the current war with Russia.

He listed areas for continued collaborations with Nigeria to include free trade, free speech, free elections.

“You need a society that is opened and that is tolerant to develop human potentials,” he said, adding that urban successes are built on freedom under the law”.

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