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NANS Gives Multi-Choice Company Seven Days To Begin Pay-As-You-View Billing Or Face Closure.



The National Association Of Nigerian Students (NANS), has issued a seven-day ultimatum to Multi Choice Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) to immediately implement the “Pay As You View tarrifs system.

NANS in statement issued on Wednesday by South West (Zone D) chapter, warned that if their warning was not adhered to, “we shall be left with no other option than to lock up all offices of DSTV until our demands are meant which is the mind of all Nigerians.”

The statement was signed by the Coordinator, Adejuwon Emmanuel Olatunji, Deputy Coordinator, Alao John and Public Relations Officer, Opeoluwa Awoyinfa.

The students’ body said the ultimatum became imperative to put an end to the alleged hardship and extortionist policy of DSTV on Nigeria.

NANS said, “Today we are aware that Multi Choice Digital Satellite Television has increased their tariffs without considering the standard of living of Nigerians. We have also waited for long to see if this same company will dance to the music of Nigerians who has been clamouring for “Pay As You View Tariff” but reverse is the case.

“This is the time to call on National Broadcasting Commission to go back to the commission act to regulate the ownership, activities and operations of Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers.

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“DSTV is one of the leading direct to home service providers in Nigeria since its inception of operation far back 1995 and has also made a lot of profit with over 25million subscribers which is the largest market for its operations.

“We want the Federal Government to stampede their proposed plan in tariffs increment and also force them to implement the Pay As You View system. Its obvious that users are being placed on a fixed monthly tariff plan unlike what is obtainable outside Nigeria.”

NANS stated that despite record had shown that Nigeria constitute over 45 percent of DSTV global market share; yet over 50 percent of users were not enjoying what they were paying for due to series of engagement just to make a living and also due to lack of constant power supply.

“We are aware that DSTV operates a system of PAY AS YOU GO tariffs in other countries but chose to be inhumane and has hatred for Nigerians. As the Leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students in Southwest; we see this to be unfair and sardonic and also an act to keeps exploiting Nigerians.”

The students’ body however, called on the Nigerian government to immediately commence enactment of a law to compel Multi Choice and others to introduce “Pay As You View billing system” which according to them will do good to Nigerians who are already fed up of the current economy hardship.

“We hereby give 7days ultimatum to Multi Choice Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) to reverse their plan of increasing their tariffs and also yield to the call of Nigerians and also implementing pay as you view tarrifs or else we shall be left with no other option than to lock up all offices of DSTV until our demands are meant which is the mind of all Nigerians.

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