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My Enemies Are Hoarding Naira And Increasing Fuel Price – Tinubu



Ahmed Bola Tinubu the Presidential candidate for APC has creid out this enemies are the ones responsible for hoarding of new naira notes and increasing fuel pump price in other to frustrate his winning

Tinubu said this in Abeokuta Ogun state on Wednesday at his Presidential Campaign rally where he fumed at the high increase of fuel prices in some parts of the country.

In his speech,he said those who are hoarding fuel, hoarding money are doing it because of the forthcoming election with the purpose of frustrating him and preventing him from winning the election as they did during Abiola time.

According to him,the hoarding of fuel and money is not ordinarily.

Tinubu said “people should go and relax and they should not worry no matter what they do I I will win the election.

“Election is coming,,, they increase petroleum price, no electricity, they change naira notes. Won ti n dogbon, they don’t want us to win.We have known their plan.

“Lowe,Lowe ni Tinubu fi soro. Who do you think he’s talking to? kokoro to njegba,idi igba lowa.This is how they did during Awolowo and Abiola time.

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