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Moghalu Apologies To Peter Obi And Obidients Over His Comments On Soyinka’s Criticism



Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, has tendered a public apology to supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 election, popularly known as ‘Obidients’ for calling them “unlettered and uncultured people of lazy social media age”.

The former Presidential aspirant has in his reply to critiques of Nigeria’s highly respected writter Prof.Wole Soyinka of Labour Party Presidential candidate Peter Obi his vice Datti Baba Ahmed and his supporters where he blamed them for trying to steer up ethnic tensions after the outcome of the February 25 presidential election.

In his response, Moghalu in defending of the renowned writter who Nigerians have accused of remaining silent when some parts of the country was being attacked and molested by others, said that “Wole Soyinka a Nobel laureate is a principled fighter for Justice in our country and around the world.

“He is a phenomenon that unlettered and uncultured people may not fully understand in an age of lazy social media in which may don’t read or think deep.

The above statement by the former deputy governor of the central bank man which many sees as insulting and provocative to Obidients Supporters had attracted wide criticism on his person.

In response to the reaction of Nigerians over his comment, Moghalu apologies for his use of words saying that he meant no insult or disrespect to anybody.

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He Wrote 👇

“In my tweet yesterday on Prof. Wole Soyinka’s comment on Datti Baba Ahmed’s own comments about the 2023 presidential election, I said WS is a principled fighter for justice and a phenomenon “that unlettered and uncultured people may not fully understand in an age of lazy social media in which many don’t read or think deeply”.

“I want to apologize FOR THE PHRASE IN QUOTATION MARKS which, on a second thought, can be misconstrued as a harsh judgment on citizens who are hurting from the outcome of the elections. That was not my intention.

“While we all bear responsibility for the words we choose to use (and I have the utmost respect for Prof Soyinka and Dr. Datti-Ahmed), I caution again, however, that there will always be different voices with different beliefs in a democracy.

“These voices are NOT illegitimate simply because we disagree with them or they do not agree either with our political preferences or with whatever manner in which we choose to express our views. This applies across the board to the supporters of ALL the leading candidates.

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