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May Yul Edochie Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Lady Who Doctored Her Christmas Photos



May Yul Edochie, the wife of the popular Nigerian Nollywood actor Yul Edochie,has filed a defamation lawsuit against a lady who allegedly doctored a Christmas photo of May Yul-Edochie.

The lawsuit which was filed by Barrister Obiagali Ezebuwa Esquire against apology Ms Sarah Chukwukere and demanded a public apology for defamation, and harassment in relation to a comment she made which attached a doctored photos of Yul Edochie,Judy Austin An Her Son May Yul-Edochie And her Children too in the picture.

In the suite May Yul-Edochie accused the lady of falsely depicting her as a polygamy family thereby painting a negative picture of her in the public.

The Lawsuit Reads


Our Firm has been retained by Mrs. Mary Yul-Edochie, a/k/a May Yul-Edochie (herein referred to as “Our Client”) with the instruction to seek legal recourse against you for defamation and harassment in relation to the widely publicized false and injurious statements and comments you made against her within the time period ranging from December 25, 2022 to this day.

On or around December 27, 2022, you published on your Instagram page knows as OFFICIALSARMARTINS a post titled: “Beautiful Family… As It Should…”, to which you attached a doctored photograph of our Client and her four children, and you imposed on that picture the images of Mr. Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie (Mr. Yul Edochie), Ms. Uchechukwu Judith Muoghalu (a/k/a Ms. Judy Austin) and a toddler. By that false and manipulated picture you depicted our Client as part of a polygamous family, in which she is a co-wife to your friend, Ms. Judy Austin.

You understood that under the Nigerian law, there could be no valid marriage between the husband of our Client and Ms. Judy Austin. You knew and understood that such claim of the existence of a marriage between Mr. Yul Edochie and Ms. Judy Austin was not only false, but would be a serious violation of the law.

You knew and understood that our Client had previously rejected any attempt to link her to a polygamous marriage. You knew and understood that our Client did not appear for any photograph with Mr. Yul Edochie and Ms. Judy Austin. Yet you posted the doctored picture to deceive the public and falsely.

FALSITY: At no point in time did any of the facts you alleged against Mrs. Mary Yul-Edochie occur. There was no event that could have been reasonably mistaken to which could have justified your allegation against our Client. You did not know Mrs. Yul-Edochie well enough to have had any information that could warrant the inferences and conclusions you uttered against her. You did not conduct any investigation or make any effort to confirm the truthfulness or otherwise of those allegation you made against her.

MALICE: You defamed our Client because you hated her and your hatred stemmed from your conspiracy with Ms. Judy Austin to denigrate our Client and further the extraordinary machinations of Ms. Judy Austin to oust Mrs. Yul-Edochie as the wife of Mr. Yul Edochie. If you deny that you were fully aware of and a part of the machinations of Ms. Judy Austin, you cannot deny the fact that you were absolutely reckless as to the falsity of the allegations you made.

It must be pointed out that you knew that May Yul-Edochie had had a peaceful marriage with her husband and had been a devoted and loving wife and mother of their children all through. There was no basis to warrant the picture of a troubled marriage you insinuated and impressed so aggressively on the minds of the people that watched Daddy Freeze show.

You engaged on such a wholesale dishonesty just to further your friend’s unlawful ambition of sharing a husband with our Client. You also ought to have known that May Yul-Edochie and Mr. Yul Edochie were married as husband and wife under the Marriage Act of Nigeria. In accordance with the Nigerian law, Mr. Yul Edochie CANNOT have a second wife as in a polygamy, just as Ms. Judy Austin CANNOT be a co-wife of Mr. Yul Edochie.

You ignored this clear position of the law and propagated the false and absurd claim that Ms. Judy Austin was married to Mr. Yul Edochie and that Ms. Judy Austin was a co-wife with our Client.

PUBLICATION AND INJURY: You uttered those false allegations on Daddy Freeze’s live- show on Instagram and Facebook Pages, which was also posted on his YouTube Channel, all social media platforms that were watched by millions of people all over the world. Your publication and utterances were read and watched by many people who held Mrs. Yul-Edochie in high esteem, and as a result of the said publication, she has suffered a significant decline in the esteem of her fans, followers, friends and family members.

OUR DEMANDS: To redress the harm and injuries you have caused our Client, we demand the following:

(1) An unreserved public apology to our Client, in which you will specifically admit that every material aspect of your utterances and publication was absolutely false and that you had no basis to believe such utterances and publication to be true.

(2) An unqualified expression of remorse for your utterances and publication.

(3) A full retraction of your utterances and publication.

(4) A commitment to a continuing effort on your part to issue clarifications and correction each time your utterances and publication are repeated or reprinted.

(5) Assurances that you will not repeat these utterances or make any further false and

defamatory publication against our Client.

The forgoing measures should be complied with to the satisfaction of our Client within

fourteen (14) days of your receipt of this letter.

INTENTION TO SUE: Should you fail to comply with the above demands, this Firm has been instructed to commence a lawsuit against you without further warning. You must therefore treat this letter as a Notice of Intention to Sue. In the event of such lawsuit, our Client will ask for damages in an amount of not less than Five Hundred Million Naira (N500,000,000), in addition to wide-reaching injunctive reliefs.

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