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Many Of Those Who Defected APC To Labour Party Are Agents Of Tinubu -Reno Omokri.



Reno Omokri, for aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan and a supporter of PDP has alleged that some of those who defected from the ruling All Progressives Congress APC to the Labour Party,are all agents planted by the APC, and it’s presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Tinubu.

According to him Tinubu is a master strategist by sending his agents ahead of him the infiltrate the Obidient movements and gather information for him in the party.

Omokri was reacting to the trending leaked audio conversation with the Labour Party Presidential candidate Peter Obi and the founder of Soul Winners International Church Bishop Oyedepo.

In the leaked audio conversations Peter Obi was heard asking bishop Oyedepo to help talk to his church members and people of South West adding that what they into now is the religious war.

According to Omokri, everything happening in Labour Party including the leaked audio,are the handwork og sleeper agents of Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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He further said that some of those working with Peter including Nigerian Nollywood Actor Kenneth Okonkwo who is the spokesperson of Peter Obi campaign council are all fifths columnist.

He Wrote 👇

“Many of those who ‘defected’ from APC to Labour did not really defect. They were sleeper agents sent to infiltrate the Obidient movement by Tinubu, the master strategist. At the appropriate time, each of them were triggered to betray and expose Yes Daddy Peter Obi!

“From Tinubu’s dancing partner, that convinced Obi to leave the PDP for Labour Party, to the Nollywood has been that confirmed that the voice on the tape is Obi’s voice, they are all Tinubu fifth columnists. Unemotionally and objectively look at their behaviours. But Obi is too ‘wise’ to be advised.

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