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Leaked Audio:Fani Kayode Calls For The Arrest Of Peter Obi.



The spokesperson of the APC presidential campaign council Femi Fani Kayode has called on the security agencies to immediatey arrest and Prosecute the Labour Party Presidential candidate Peter Obi after his leaked audio conversation with the founder soul winners international church Bishop Oyedepo.

According to Kayode, in a post on his official Facebook page on Sunday,he said that Peter Obi cannot be working freely after declaring religious war in Nigeria during and after the presidential election.

According to him Peter Obi is a religious bigot,a master of terrorist adding that Peter Obi is unfit to lead a multi religious tribe,multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country like Nigeria

He further described Obi as troubler of the nation Nigeria.

His Words;

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Now that the spokesman of Peter Obi, one Kenneth Okonkwo, has confirmed that the audio recording of the conversation between Bishop Oyedepo and his principal is authentic, it is time for us to call on the security agencies to declare Peter a master terrorist, a security risk, a man that is wholly unfit to lead a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural state and a hater of non-Christians.

He is indeed one of the “troublers” of our nation.

Can you imagine what would have happened to Muslims if he had won the election?

Within a few months he would have plunged Nigeria into a religious war.

God really loves Nigeria.


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