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Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter Claps Back at Naira Marley’s Legal Threat



Social media influencer Priscilla Ojo has fired back at singer Naira Marley after he threatened legal action against her mother, actress Iyabo Ojo. The legal dispute stems from allegations of defamation made by Ojo against Naira Marley in a September 2023 Instagram post.

Naira Marley’s lawyer, Olalekan Ojo, outlined the accusations in a letter to Iyabo Ojo, claiming she accused the singer of engaging in spiritual and physical dealings with the late singer Mohbad, also known as Ilerioluwa Aloba.

In response, Priscilla Ojo took to her Instagram stories on Friday, questioning Naira Marley’s audacity to threaten her mother. She called attention to existing legal matters involving the singer, particularly regarding issues with the boys’ catalogue and unpaid royalties.

“The audacity!!! You want to sue? Sue who LMAOOOOO clowns,” Priscilla wrote, dismissing Naira Marley’s legal threat. She further addressed the ongoing court cases related to the singer’s dealings, pointing out videos and evidence of alleged bullying.

Priscilla defended her mother’s actions, emphasizing Iyabo Ojo’s consistent efforts to seek justice, even going as far as supporting various causes such as DJ Splash’s hospital bills, the case of a raped young girl, and advocating for the young man allegedly bullied by his record label before his demise.

Refuting claims of clout-chasing, Priscilla highlighted the seriousness of her mother’s involvement in these issues and criticized those who judged Iyabo Ojo based on her participation in a reality show.

Despite the challenges and controversies, Priscilla expressed confidence in the spirit of the late Mohbad, asserting that, even though he may not be alive to fight for himself, his legacy and the truth will endure. The Instagram response from Iyabo Ojo’s daughter adds a new layer to the unfolding legal drama between the actress and Naira Marley.

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