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INEC Should Not Throw Nigeria Into Crisis – Labour Party Warns.



Labour Party has warned the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC to be mindful of their actions in the collation and announcement of the concluded February 25th election so as to not throw Nigeria in crisis.

This was contained in a press statement signed by the director general of Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council Mr Akin Osuntokun on Saturday.

In the statement, Labour Party decries the failure of INEC in sending voting materials and electoral officials in some polling units across the country especially in the south east and south south region.

According to Labour the action of INEC can be described as a deliberate attempt to disenfranchised Nigerians from from carrying out their constitutional rights in a bid to deny Labour Party from winning the election.

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The Statement Reads


INEC Should Not Throw Nigeria into Crisis

First, we are grateful to God that Nigerian election has not become the bloodshed that many enemies of our dear country had predicted.

We thank Nigerian people that in spite of the glaring failures of INEC and the deliberate criminality of status quo politicians they came out and stayed throughout and peacefully cast their votes. We are grateful to young Nigerians for their fate in Nigeria and the vision of greatness and justice we have offered them.

We note that many polling units in Rivers State, Imo state, Delta state, and Lagos state did not vote because INEC did not send any voting materials and officials to this places. In the case of Unit 16, Ward 53 at Ogbogoro Secondary in Obio-Akpo LGA with more than 700 voters who are strong Labour Party supporters.

This selective disenfranchisement violates the constitutional rights of Nigeria and a deliberate plan to deny Labour Party of deserved sweeping victory at the polls.

At this point we want to alert Nigerians that the rest lies on INEC. INEC’s performance in this election has been disgraceful. We are sad that there is unnecessary delay in transmitting results from across the country.

We are alerting INEC that Nigerian youths are impatient and would not accept any deliberate failure to transmit the real results. Nigerian people will not accept any later transmission of fake results. We have received intelligence of effort being made in Imo State, Rivers State, Lagos State, and several other states to compromise the results.

Anyone who pays attention to the mood of Nigerian people know that the people-north, south, east and west- are tired. They want a better future for their people. They want Nigeria that works for all citizens and they will resist any conspiracy by INEC and the status quo politicians to overthrow their sovereign will.

We call on INEC to quickly upload the results of the pooling units. INEC leadership should resist the attempt by Governors and leading politicians in these states to subvert the will of the people. We call on Nigerian to be vigilant and note that INEC is the one now pushing the country to the precipices of violence by its deliberate inefficiency and failures to implement the provisions of the electoral law.


Akin Osuntokun
DG, Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council

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