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Imo PDP Debunks Purported Crisis in Party Accuses Uzodimma Of Sponsoring Fake News.



The People’s Democratic Party PDP Imo State chapter has debunked purported crisis in the Party accuses governor Hope Uzodimma of sponsoring fake news against the party.

Imo PDP is reacting to a statement which has been trending on social media which was purportedly signed by one Chief Philips Udaegwu alleging that Progressives PDP members has disassociated themselves from the candidacy of Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu as the authentic governoship candidate of PDP

According To statement,the group alledged that the emergence of Samdaddy has led to the disintegration of the Party in the State which has led to many defections to the opposition party.

The group also accused Samdaddy of trying to cast a slur on the reputation of the Party and it’s leadership insisting that the candidacy of Samdaddy does not reflect the ideology of the Party.

Reacting to the above statement, the Publicity Secretary of PDP in Imo State Comrade Collins Opurozor, debunked the letter saying that it did not emanate from PDP in Imo State or National.

According to Opurozor in a statement he released on Friday April 28th described the news as fake and attributed it to the handwork of of the All Progressives Congress APC and the governor Hope Uzodimma.

Opuruzor further stated that there is no such group within the PDP in Imo State known as “Progressive Stakeholders”. .

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The Statement Reads

Press Statement

Imo PDP Debunks Purported Crisis in Party

Alerts Public to Fake Letter in Circulation

Berates Outgoing Governor Uzodinma over Desperate Resort to Forgery, Fake News

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State alerts members of the public to a fake letter in circulation which purports that there is crisis in the Party, and further states that Party Stakeholders have dissociated themselves from the Governorship Candidate of the Party, Senator Samuel Anyanwu.

In order to lend credence to the obvious falsehood, the known authors of the fake letter in Douglas House invented a non-existent group, “PDP Progressive Stakeholders”, to which they ascribed their puerile propaganda.

Regrettably, some online media have fallen for this mischief and lent their platforms to spreading the criminal forgery and its libelous content.

To be clear, there is no such group within the PDP in Imo State known as “Progressive Stakeholders”. Whatever views canvassed by such queer group do not, therefore, reflect the reality in Imo PDP and must be discountenanced.

As far as our Party is concerned, it is deeply irresponsible that despite the gargantuan scale of Imo’s socio-economic trauma, the outgoing governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, and agents of his jittery administration are still preoccupied with syndicating fake news and forging letterheads of our great Party.

Presently, one-third of the entire territory of Imo State is under the occupation of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, arsonists and other non-state actors who make the lives of Imo people a misery. Farmers have been forced to abandon their farmlands and the logical outcome has been unprecedented rise in poverty and starvation.

It is therefore shameful that whilst this hydra-headed monster of insecurity keeps consuming hundreds of innocent Imo citizens day after day, the only thing the anti-people regime of Uzodinma thinks of is how to politicize and exploit the unfortunate situation to frame perceived political foes or to peddle fake news in order to distract attention from its indefensible failures. Strictly speaking, this government is now a big threat to the survival of Imo State, and that man in Douglas House has become morally unfit to remain there!

Our Party urges Imo people to remain resolute and to participate fully in the electoral process, with the clear and patriotic objective of permanently sending this unelected regime packing on November 11, 2023.


Collins Opurozor
State Publicity Secretary
Imo PDP.

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