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If They Give 5k,I Will Give 10k To Every Nigerian To Vote Peter Obi-Author Eze



The Richest Igboman in Africa and the owner of Atlas Orlando Petroleum Prince Author Eze has promised to give every Nigerian 10,000 each to vote for Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi if APC and PDP try vote buying in the election.

Author said this while reacting to the vote buying which happened in the governorship election in Ekiti state where there was report of vote buying where each voter was reportedly been given 5,000 to vote for the APC candidate.

According to him “If they give you 5 thousand to vote Tinubu, I will give each Nigerian 10 thousand Naira each to vote for Peter Obi in the Presidential Election.

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Also Prince Author Eze has offered to install over 200,000 security cameras on every pulling unit in Nigeria in the forthcoming Presidential election in a bid to prevent any form of malpractice in the election.

He also said that will be donating $500, million dollars to Peter Obi Campaign organisation for the smooth running of their campaign activities.

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Prince Author Eze is from Anambra state and the owner of Oil well in Africa, gulf of Guinea and the sole owner of the Oil industry in Sao Tome and Principe and the Owner of Atlas Orlando Petroleum.

He is known for his philanthropic work helping people he has built churches and mosque in different parts of Nigeria,he has also built roads, hospitals schools.he has over 2650 students home and abroad under his Educational Scheme.

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