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If I Have A Child Outside My Marriage Nobody Will Know – Cubana Chiefpriest Denies Impregnating A Kenyan Lady.



Cubana Chiefpriest Photo Credit| Cubana Chiefpriest Facebook

Popular Nigerian Socialite Pascal Chibuike popularly called Cubana Chiefpriest has denied the rumours of him Impregnating a Kenyan lady saying that if he have a child outside his marriage nobody will know about it.

Cubana Chiefpriest is reacting to a claim made by a Kenyan lady who claimed that the popular Nigerian businessman is the father of her child.

According to the lady a in a life video sent to Gistlovers on Sunday, the lady stated that she had an affair with Cubana Chiefpriest in 2021 when she flew in to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding in Lagos.

She further claimed that after her affairs with Cubana Chiefpriest all efforts she made to reaching him proved abortive.

Reacting to the story of the alligation in a post on his official Facebook handle, Chiefpriest said that he is very reach even if he have a child outside his marriage that no body will know about it.

He further accused a popular blogger Gistlover of trying to blackmail him in order to extort money from him using the alligation.

He Wrote:

“Am so rich that if I have a child outside my matrimonial bliss no one will know about it. Gistiover feels I can pay him/her for blackmil that’s so funny me of all people.

“Oba without palace if e sure for you pay for the logistics for the DNA with your money I go run am, if the baby is mine i will double your expense if you can‘t afford to pay show yourself and i will spend my money to do it.

“Social media kdn-pper you Dey find money, You guys have been trying to blackmil me since last year to give you money. it’s a huge disrespect to me to say my child was born in Kenya of all places God forbid I assemble my babies in Nigeria and make them in America am too detailed to do such low key .

“You wanna throw eggs to my beautiful home, one thing is for sure live by the sword de by the sword one day you go surely cast and the rest will be history, what have you not done you have shared ndes of celebrities just to gain clout for yourself and to dstroy them. So funny you can‘t dstroy what you did not make.

“When I bought my wife a G63 you did not post it, when i built her a glass house you did not post it when i took her on luxury vacation trips All over the world you did not post it when i bought her a Birkin you did not post it when i had my kids in Yankee you did not post it etc.

“You are nothing but an agent of dstruction to great people but you can only survive on weak people .

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“My marriage is bullet proof my relationship with my wife is built on so much love loyalty respect and wealth it’s indestructible. Like I said if you claim what you posted about me is true book a jet for me and my team to land Kenya, tidy all logistics for land logistics, security and accommodation etc I will come and do the Dna in two hospitals one of your choice and one of mine if the baby is mine i will double your expense and thank you so much for helping me find my lost baby.

“If you can‘t afford it show me yourself so ! will do the expenses myself and then know who | will sue afterwards I can‘t be chasing shadows because that’s what gistiover is nothing but a social media kidnapper if e sure for you let’s do this

“Gistiover you re a loser. Your end is near the celebrities you shared there ndes to destroy are still soaring. You wrote rubbish about Anambara and started calling out celebrities who have built themselves and fhere brand to come out and fight for a fake information when you who dropped the information is hiding. “

Why are you hiding ? If you feel all you say it’s true come out from your kdnappers den and show yourself. Only kdnappers operate the way you operate.

‘ Who have you not tried to tarnish Your dstruction is near let this sink in your head you cannot destroy what God made you re too small. if it’s not blckmail Show your face.

“Stop shouting from a cupboard Why on earth will you be anonymous if you re genuine, authentic, real & nice. So like this na help you Dey help. Agha helper. This is not the help she needs she need money give her money if she had money she won’t come to you as you claim .

“The bottom line of this whole this is bring money. I will not bring my money countiue shouting from your cupboard.
One day monkey go go market e no go come back you can‘t hide forever.

“You cannot destroyed what you did not make Gistiover the social media kdnapper .
Nothing good can come out from a hidden place your agenda is to d*stroy you re darkness prove me wrong by just putting on the light .

“Of course i will always settie with my wife that’s why she is my wife. it would have been wose for me at home if my wife finds out that am keeping a family away from her, than she seeing am being forced a child on just Because I have money, am human am imperfect but above all i can still make amends.

“She knows am a nice guy my good deeds are far bigger than my bads she will forgive me. You cannot force evl on me nothing good can come from gistlover/darkness. Like this now as you don post am so I go run go send money. I will still not send. Being rich is not being stupid. You cannot d*stroy what you did not make…..

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