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I Will Create Massive Employment For Nigerians – Tinubu



All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has vowed to create a massive employment opportunities for the vast majority of Nigerians who are willing and ready to work if he is elected as the president of Nigeria.

Tinubu made this statement while speaking at the Nest of Champion Stadium, Uyo in Akwa Ibom state during his presidential campaign rally in the state.

Asiwaju Tinubu used the opportunity to thanked the people of the state especially APC members who voted for him to emerge the candidate of the party in the February 25, 2023 presidential election, saying the power to become president resides with the people.

“The power to become president resides in you. Akwa-Ibom, you have welcomed me wholeheartedly. God will give you blessing. When I said Emi lo kan, God answered that prayer through you people. I got the ticket. Let me thank all of you for that ticket. I am grateful.”

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Tinubu further told the people of the state and supporters that they would not get full credit until they all voted and ensured victory in the general elections for all APC candidates in the National Assembly, Governorship, State Assembly and presidential elections.

“No one gets credit for an incomplete assignment because the assignment is not complete until you vote. So, go and get your PVC. This is the revolution to change poverty to prosperity. Joblessness to jobfulness.”

In his speech, Tinubu pointed out that government’s highest purpose is to use the resources at its disposal for the benefit of the people in direct reference to Labour Party’s presidential candidate Peter Obi whose only vaunted credential is that he saved money while he was governor of Anambra State, adding that Obi watched his people suffer, while he continued to boast of saving money for the state, which has become his biggest campaign achievement.

He also urged Nigerians especially the south east region,to totally reject Obi Peter who saved money for the state, while refusing to save the people of Anambra State as Governor of the State.

Speaking on his plans for Akwa Ibom State, Tinubu promised that though an oil-rich state, he would help bring more resources to the state through diversification into agriculture and harnessing the tourism opportunities available in the state.

“This land is rich and fertile. The agricultural policies we have designed and the investments we have planned will ensure greater productivity and food supply as well as opening the door to increased exports to markets worldwide. We will provide the infrastructure to help rural communities, establish commodity boards to assure our farmers of a minimum price for strategic crops. This will guarantee the well-deserved income for farmers for the hard and valuable work they perform for the nation.

“Additionally, we will invest in agricultural infrastructure such as grain reserves, produce storage facilities in local markets, better farm-to-market roads and access.

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“My administration’s program to build agricultural hubs will increase arable farmland and encourage cooperative relationships between small and large farms that will boost production and promote agro-related business.

“We will also help bring industry and tourism to Akwa Ibom. This is a beautiful and welcoming place with kind and energetic people. Our industrial plan will encourage companies to locate here and manufacture goods for Nigeria as well as foreign markets. This will produce jobs and provide the foreign currency to help push our nation forward. Tourists will come and never want to leave this land of promise. This means more jobs, better income and skills for you,” he added.

He also promised to help protect their oil reserves from vandals so that the state will be able to get what it truly deserves from the large oil deposits it has, while also ensuring that the oil companies take care of and give back to their host communities to ensure development.

“This land is blessed to be an oil producing State. Akwa Ibom really is the Promised Land! While we diversify the economy, oil and gas will remain vital to our nation. My administration has plans for the future management of these resources that will lead to greater prosperity.

“We will ensure self-sufficiency in meeting demand for petroleum products and will fight against those who will seek to impose artificial scarcity. President Buhari has fought against these forces. I will continue the fight.

“We will rob the oil vandals of their ability to rob us. Our security plans call for the use of the best aerial and ground technology to deter theft and vandalism that robs this region of its due revenues and also creates environmental and medical risks to our people.

“Your communities must benefit more from hosting the oil companies and from giving the nation for such a long time the revenue vital to our government’s operations,” he said.

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