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I Have Key To Igbo Presidency – Joe Igbokwe



Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Drainages, Joe Igbokwe, has declared that he has the key in which an Igboman could become a president of Nigeria.

In a post on his official Facebook page, the All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftain said the Southeastern people are not interested in secession but are unhappy with how the country treats the geo-political zone.

The move by several Nigerians to shift power to the Southeast via the 2023 presidential election had suffered a setback as the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, an indigene of the region, was defeated by Bola Tinubu of the Southwest.

Speaking on the matter, Igbokwe opined that the Southeast people are more interested in Nigeria than the movement for the actualization of Biafra as a sovereign state, citing the massive acceptance of Obi during the poll.

He Wrote 👇


Through actions and deeds I have found out over the years that Igbo is not truly interested in project Biafra. In their innermost chambers I am convinced beyond reasonable doubts that they know that a lot is at stake given massive, aggressive, strategic and thriving investments across Nigeria.

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Through many years interventions in the public space via interactions, writings and publications I have noticed that Igbo are not happy because no Igbo man has ruled this country since the end of the Nigeria- Biafra war in 1970.

Another thing that makes Igbo angry is that South East is the only zone that has just five States in Nigeria while four other zones have six sates each and one has seven States.

As a consequence of this anything that is being shared in Nigeria SE getss the least . SE gets Governors, LGAs, Senators, HORs, State Capitals, federal allocations, least state federal Universities etc. This is a grave injustice.This is structured marginalization.

In 2023 presidential, governorship and the National Assembly Elections I saw my people coming out in their numbers to cast their votes for their son Peter Obi.

I also noticed that the struggle for Biafra took the back seat. I noticed at once that the issue is not the agitation for Biafra but to be supported and encouraged to produce the President of Nigeria in a nation that belongs to all of us. I have seen the support Nigerians East, West , North or South gave to Labour Party candidate , Mr Perter Obi.
I now know without sounding immodest that Igbo love Nigeria.

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Now I am ready to help my people to achieve this project if they seek my advice. I know what to do. I have made good friends across Nigeria. I have followed the political developments in Nigeria since I left UNN in 1995.

I have worked with other Nigerians and I know their fears. First I will advise IPOB to drop the guns and embrace and seek peace with other Nigerians. Then dialogue and constructive engagements will follow. We will then start the process of building bridges of friendship and building trust with other Nigerians. Dialogue on National Unity , issues of equity, Justice, Fair play and healing process will then commence. It is possible and I know also that it is doable.

I offer myself for this service to humanity and I am ready to work with like minds to achieve national unity. Peace is better than war. To achieve peace and to grow our economy we need Justice, equity and fair play.

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