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How US Immigration Detained Me After My Ordeal With DSS – Pastor Arayomi



Credit: Instagram | tomiarayomi

The Founder, RIG Nation and Pioneer Church, United Kingdom, Prophet Tomi Arayomi, has revealed that he was detained by immigration officers upon his arrival in Houston, Texas.

The pastor and his wife, Tahmar, were detained by the Department of State Services on Friday, April 7, at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja, causing him to move his family out of the country.

On Friday, the cleric took to Instagram to recount how he was detained upon his arrival in the United States, adding that he did not know if the arrest was related to his ordeal with the DSS.

He said, “ I wasn’t going to share this story but I was detained in Houston on arrival for the first time ever! I don’t know the particulars of why I was detained or if there was any correlation with my Nigerian arrest all I know is that within minutes of me landing my passport was confiscated and I was being led to a detention room by an officer.

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“Just as the door was opening another immigration officer looked at me and said “Prophet, what are you doing in here!” I said “I don’t know!”. Within seconds she took my passport from the officer and whispered in his ear. She then walked right past me in the detention centre as if she didn’t even know me anymore.

“I tried to catch her eye to say thank you but she walked right past me. “ Within 60 seconds I was out! I don’t know if that woman was human or Angel.All I know is that God is good!

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