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How To Set Up YouTube Channel For Beginners





YouTube channel is the second largest search engine in the world, which means it has one of the biggest audiences of any website on the planet.

YouTube channels can make money from their videos in many different ways, including displaying ads during your videos, running crowdfunding campaigns, or making brand deals.

If you are thinking about starting your own YouTube channel to grow your business, we we have searched out some guidelines that will walk you through everything you need to know to start and market your YouTube channel.


Steps To Set Up Your YouTube Channel



  • Sign Up On YouTube

Before you can get started on YouTube, you will need to create a channel.

If you have an existing Google account that you use for Gmail or other Google services, chances are that account already has a YouTube channel attached to it; if not, or if your account is new and doesn’t have one, then simply sign in with that email address to start a new one.

Or, if you don’t want to add yet another login to your web browser,just go ahead and sign up for a brand-new Google account.

Once logged in to your account page, click on Create channel,this will take you through a short setup process.

First select whether you want monetization features enabled: these allow you to make money off of ads shown alongside your videos.

The next question asks what kind of channel you are setting up: public, unlisted, or private.

Private channels cannot be found by search engines; unlisted channels mean that anyone who does know about them could find them with a direct link but they would not appear in any search results. Finally, specify a name for your channel.


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  • Create Your Channel

Once you have decided on a channel name, it is time to create your page. On your YouTube channel page, there are a few things you will have to do.

Add a profile and cover photos make sure to add your website and social media handles also. write a brief biography 3-5 sentences and add videos of yourself introducing yourself to viewers, if you like.

You can also customize some things on your page, such as adding widgets to display other social media profiles or posting a video feed from another camera or website.

Also make sure that you have Allow Advertisements selected under Channel Membership; otherwise ads will not run on your videos.


  • Pick A Good Name That Works

Before you even get to camera angles and editing software, you will have to pick a good name for your channel.

If you want something simple, search YouTube channels that start with [word] to see if it is available.

Use your content to think out your YouTube name personal touch for example our website name is Dailynewslink and our YouTube channel name is DailynewslinkTv.

Make sure to come up with a channel title people will be able to remember easily and also tell them something about you.

It should be clear what kind of content they can expect from your videos: what are you going to talk about? Can people expect funny sketches?  Gameplay? Rants?


  • Write An Introduction

Setting up a YouTube channel is easy, but how do you set one up that actually engages your target audience? It takes more than just creating an account and uploading videos to ensure success on YouTube.

Learn how to create a plan, grow your audience and build your brand with a successful channel that helps get results.

You can achieve this by writing to qualify introduction that best describe your YouTube channel and the type of content you want to dish out.


  • Upload Videos – Quick Tips

Uploading videos to your channel is very simple. Under your Channel tab, there is a button titled Upload Video.

This will bring you to another screen where you can input your video information, add tags and preview how it will appear in search results.

When you are satisfied with what you have uploaded, click on Publish. This will then show up on your channel once it has been approved by an admin at YouTube.



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  • Add A Quality Profile Picture And Channel Icon

How do you want people to recognize your channel? You need a profile picture and channel icon for your channel. Your profile picture will be displayed next to your channel’s name in search results and other places, including on comments left on videos.


  • Begin Monetization Process

You  want to create your channel with one key thing in mind, which is making money from it. You can monetize your YouTube channel in many ways. The most common is through AdSense, which allows you to display pre-roll ads before your videos.

You will also need to make sure that you have a Google AdSense account and you have enabled monetization on your channel.

Another option is creating sponsored content for companies,this doesn’t pay as much as an ad but it means you won’t be displaying random advertisements on your clips.

Or you could start taking sponsorships directly; these are usually smaller sums paid per video.

And don’t forget about product placement; use products that relate to what you do or review them like a traditional vlogger!


  • Most Importantly Get Subscribers, Views And Engagement.

This is the most important thing after creating your YouTube channel getting subscribers to your channel, and getting views on your videos.

But sometimes getting those first few subs can be tough, and if you get them, it will help you immensely in getting more organic views in months to come.

If you have friends or family that are willing to subscribe to your channel, start there. But don’t stop at 10-20 people. Get as many as you can find.

Even if they unsubscribe later down the road (which some inevitably will), every little bit helps when it comes to building an audience and increasing visibility for your content.

Aside from asking for subscribers from others, make sure you ask for them to to subscribe, like and share yourself.

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