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How To Research For Good Keywords






Keyword Research can be an effective way to increase the visibility of your website, and it is easier than ever to find out what keywords are currently performing well on search engines like Google.

If you are looking to optimize your site for search engines, this article will help you choose keywords that have high volume as well as low competition, making them easier to rank in search engine results pages.

How To Research For Good Keywords!


Keyword research


  • Decide On Your Topic

When trying to research for a Keyword, the first thing you should do is to decide on the topic you want to post abou,What are you going to write about, think out a good topic, and arrown it down.

It is important you have at least three keywords that would accurately describe your post and then circle them, so you can find them easily later on. It’s important not to have too many keywords in one post;

Make an extensive list of other words related to your main keyword. The more synonyms you come up with, the better but do not add any commercial terms.



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  • Log  On To Google!

After you have figured out the topic you you want to post about, the next thing is to log on to Google because it is the best search engines on the web,type in your topic on the search engine and search, scroll down you will see suggestions. third result should look like something you could write about.


  • Check If  What You Got Is Relevant Enough!

Relevance is a key concern when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines use relevancy scores and other factors in order to determine how high a website should rank. If your content is not relevant enough, it will be very difficult for you to achieve top rankings on Google, Facebook, or any other search engine.


  •  Write Out Your Tittle  Again And Research It With  The News Tab In Google News!

Now that you have your title ready, it is time to search it on Google News,one of Google’s special products. By searching through these mediums, you can get an idea of how many people are using your title and also what kind of results they are getting with it.


  •  Move On If What You Saw Did Not Interest You!

In many cases, you will get no results when you search or may not see exactly what you wanted to see, If there are no results try to find some other keywords and repeat again.

Make sure you are not going too broad or too narrow. Write about things that people would be searching for on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. What do they care about? Think of one word that would describe their searches.

Don’t think to hard though because if you have done it right you should have already figured out what people want to read if not then make sure check out if what you are getting is relevant and make use of them.

Be as specific as possible so your audience knows exactly what your writing about, but also make it somewhat broad so people can find it through google when doing a general search.


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  • Try Social Media Channels Too!

When you put your your topic on Facebook search engine it will bring out some results which might be related to what you are looking if someone mentions them there on Facebook or any other  social media platforms, they might as well be talking about your content.

Here is how you can use Social Mention to find mention of them.
Add social media sites that you want your content to appear on. Wait a little bit and it will return a list of relevant keywords from users mentioning them.

Now compare these with those that you already researched on Google, This is where I was able to catch Google+ earlier than most People would have noticed because there were not a lot of users at that time.

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