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How To Identify And Remove Bad Traffic In Your Website




Mostly every website wants to increase the traffic on their site, however, not all of the traffic that comes to your site is good. Identifying bad traffic can be very important for you and your website, so in this article we will tell you how to identify bad traffic in your website. To do this, we will talk about what are the main types of bad traffic and how you can identify them in your website.

Both Before We Move Into How To Identify Bad Traffics We Have To First Of All What Bad Traffics Is All About.


What is Bad Traffic In A Website?

When you see an increase of traffic on your site, it is very possible that these are not targeted visitors. it maybe that a lot of people to visit your site because they have found some keywords in search engines or they are following links from other sites or forums, these visitors may be not really interested in what your blog is all about, and If they didn’t found what they are looking for, then they will leave as quickly as possible. That is what bad traffic is all about.


Why Is Bad Traffic harmful To Your Website?

Fake visitors, also known as bots or spiders, are especially common on adult sites. They crawl around a site at high speed and leave without spending any money. They often come from search engines and are very difficult to filter out from genuine users with good intentions. If you have been affected by bot activity, it is time for countermeasures! because this traffics doesn’t contribute anything in your blog, they only scrawl and move without reading any content in your website.



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How Can You Spot Bad Traffic In Your Website?

You might think you have a good idea about what’s going on with your site. But sometimes there’s more going on than meets the eye.and we have identified five ways to spot trouble early, before it becomes a big issue that interrupts your conversions and compromises all of your hard work.


Five Ways To Eliminate BadTraffic In Your Website!

Try Improving Your Click Through Rate CTR;

This simply means increasing the number of of users that click on specific links of your website.If you know that a specific ad network’s performance is affecting user experience, you can add exclusion filters. This will ensure that only your organic (non-paid) traffic sees those ads.


 Exclude Country or Region;

You may notice that people browsing sites in certain regions tend to click on certain types of ads more than others. It might be worth trying to exclude these high-traffic areas altogether to see if you can make improvements as long as it doesn’t affect overall revenue too much.


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Exclude User Agents!

Some advertisers pay higher fees for specific kinds of users, like Mac users versus PC users. Unless all your traffic comes from Mac users anyway, you might want to consider excluding Mac computers in order to receive a larger pool of available advertisers at lower costs.


Select Advertisers Wisely;

Do your proper research before adding new advertisers. Try reading reviews about them online and look through their Type Of Service (TOS )to determine how they treat their publishers before giving them access to your site’s audience.


Try To Limit Ad Space;


Limiting ad space by creating bigger gutters between ads will increase load times but also reduce page views per visit, which means fewer chances for an accidental click on an advertisement.


Sometimes To Identify This Bad Traffic In A Website Can Be Too Difficult And Stressful Especially For The Beginners but it must be done to enable you get the right traffic that you want in your website.



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