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How To Fix 5xx Errors In Google Search Console




If you are getting server errors when crawling your website in Google Search Console, there is probably something simple you can do to get them fixed as quickly as possible without stress.

Continue to read and learn how you can fix server 5xx errors in Search Console as quickly as possible as we are going to be dropping some hints on how you can do this.


How To Start Fixing Your Server Error 5XX!


Firstly;to start fixing the 5xx errors you have to log into your Webmaster Tools account
To get started,
Log into your Webmaster Tools account and navigate to your site’s Security Issues page. This is where you’ll see all of your site’s current threats (5xx errors, malware URLs, etc.). Note that if you don’t see any security issues listed here, it simply means that none have been reported. Check out our detailed guide on fixing 500 errors.


Secondly, after you have logged into my webmaster tool and navigated to your websites search console, check if you have any 4xx errors.
To start fixing any issues with your site, you will first need to see if you have any 4xx errors. By finding if you have any 4xx errors,this  now will tell you what problems may exist in the post or site.


Thirdly; You have to identify first the error message and what is wrong with your duty. For example, did a crawler get stuck on a page or does it think your content is spam? Is there an error with permissions on your robots.txt file? Are your images set up correctly? Do you have duplicate titles or descriptions in search results?


Fourthly; click on Crawl then Fetch as Google
After you click on Crawl, you will l see a bar at the top of your screen that lets you know if your website is slow to load or if there are other issues that might be affecting your site’s performance. If everything looks good, click Fetch as Google. This will let you know how fast your website loads and whether there are any issues with crawlability and indexing. If there’s an issue with indexing, it may take up to a few days for that issue to clear.


Fifth; Copy and paste the Fetch and Render URL into an image editing software
Many server errors are related to faulty code. In order to fix your site and make it crawlable again, you need a way of getting inside Google’s head. The Fetch and Render tool allows you to do just that by showing you what search engine bots see when they try and access your website. Copy the URL from Fetch and Render and paste it into an image editing software (like Photoshop or GIMP). This will then allow you to see what is causing 500 errors.


Sixth; Crop, add alt text, and save it with a different name.
This is a way to make sure that no one can use your images (for example, on another website). The first thing you need to do is crop your image and add alt text, which will be displayed when your image cannot be found. You should also save it with a different name. These extra steps help ensure that you have control over your images. Do these three things before uploading them into your web editor or WordPress account.

Upload your new image file with the same name as the original one.
Sometimes an error like 5XX doesn’t come from your site itself, but from somewhere along the line. One common culprit is a non-standard image file name or bad image alt text, so try changing your image name or alt text on all pages with that issue and see if it clears up. If you need help, be sure to get in touch with us. (We’re here to help!)

Wait at least 24 hours before you verify again.
It may take a day or two for your site to get back into a state where it’s serving normally. If you attempt to verify again right away, you won’t get accurate results, because they’ll be skewed by that transient error state. It’s better to wait 24 hours and retry verification after that time has passed.


  What If The Fixing Didn’t Reflect?


Fixing a 500 error is all about identifying and fixing any problems on your site that could be causing it. The sooner you find and fix these issues, the quicker you’ll get your website back up.But if after following the fixing process and it didn’t reflect or the error didn’t disappear,it might be that the contents,is against google rules and can’t be crawled or indexed.


Why Do Server 500 Errors Occur?


Usually, server 500 errors appear when there is a problem with your website’s HTTP response. This might be due to an error you’ve made while implementing your code, or because there is something wrong with your website that Google can’t handle well. Server 500 errors can also occur if you have used too many resources on your host, such as CPU and memory limits.


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