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How To Delete Your Website Or Post From Sitemap




There are many options available if you want to delete your website or post from sitemap. But, if you are worried about the possible means to get that done,you can try ‘Sitemap Generator’ which is a free tool that allows you to easily remove your website or page from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! etc. In case of using this tool, your website or page will be removed permanently from Google search results in just few minutes.


Steps To Delete Your Website Or Post From Sitemap!


Firstly; log into Google Webmaster Tools and click on Search Appearance in menu bar. Click Sitemaps sub menu. If you already have a sitemap, you should be able to see it listed here with additional information about how often it was last updated, what content type is included, and some other important things. Scroll down and click on Remove URL or URLs below Pending Submission section.

Secondly; You need to find out if there is already an existing entry for your site in our catalog. To do that you will use search query in site: (without quotes) field. If there is no entry for your site, you will get empty result set and it means that we don’t know about any page on your site yet.

Thirdly; go to Sitemap, find out a category where you want your post/website showing up. Click on add/edit.


Some Questions Asked When Deleting A Post From Sitemap


Will deleting you post from sitemap affect your website?

The answer to this question is a capital “No”. Because sitemap is for Search Engine visibility so it does not affect your site, you can easily remove it if you want . It can be done by just removing its metadata from web.xml file and it will not affect anything.


Can deleted post from sitemap be restored?

If your site has been mistakenly added to Google’s index, you may not have realized that it is still being indexed by them. If you want to remove a page from a particular site, follow these steps: Look for Crawl under Search Appearance Click on Crawl In ‘Sitemaps’ click on new Sitemap Create a Sitemap with one URL Edit below URL and enter all other pages which you want to crawl by Google. Press save Changes.those changes which you make cannot be retrieved on sitemap unless it is created and resubmitted in sitemap.


Is it important to delete your post from sitemap?

Sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others use site maps to help them index your pages. When you update content on a site that’s been indexed by these search engines, Google and other search engines will pick up those updates automatically as soon as they crawl their next update. and deleting your page or post on sitemap depends on you and what you want.

It is important to remove your posts from sitemap if you wants start creating a new content and wouldn’t want to fix the new post with the old ones

It is also important to delete your posts from sitemap if you want to change a niche and didn’t have to capital to create a new website website, you can easily delete your previous posts from sitemap and also trash all the post in your dashboard so your site will appear a brand new.

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