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How To Create A Facebook Ads Step By Step




Creating Facebook Ads can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! we have listed some guidelines to create Facebook Ads from start to finish.

With these step-by-step instructions, you wll easily be able to set up your first campaign and even learn how to optimize it later on! With no prior experience required, anyone can create Facebook Ads with this guide in hand.




Step To Create A Facebook Ads Step By Step!

  • Choose Your Goal.

Before you start creating your ads, it is important for you to figure out what you want them to accomplish. Do you want to drive website traffic? Increase brand awareness? Boost app downloads? The more specific your goal, the better your ads will be. That’s because they will focus on accomplishing just one thing.

For example, if you run a gym and your goal is to get people to sign up for free trial memberships, then that is exactly what you should promote in your ads  nothing else.

So choose an objective for each of your campaigns. It can even help to think about who will benefit from these new customers or visitors not just now but also down the road.

  • Choose Your Audience!

This is  your most important consideration. Before you launch a campaign, decide who your target audience is and what they need to hear. Next, choose which platform facebook, Instagram or both you want to run ads on and then decide how much you can afford to spend on ads per day.

If you are new to advertising, keep your daily budget should be low until you become more comfortable. The last thing you want is to waste money on ads that don’t resonate with anyone!

When I first started out as an entrepreneur I spent $3 per day just getting comfortable. You don’t have to get it perfect right away; just experiment with different audiences and ad copies until one resonates better than others. And remember: always test different images with each campaign!


  • Write Compelling Copy!

When creating an ads for Facebook, it is very important to keep in mind that you have just 120 characters to work with. That may seem like a lot of space, but that includes spaces, punctuation and other things.

When you are writing copy for your ads, there are a few key things to keep in mind: use short sentences; be clear and concise; describe benefits, not features; and use quotes or testimonials when possible.

It is also very important to note that some words are charged differently on Facebook than they would be on Google AdWords for example, free has different costs on each platform.




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  • Target Geographic Locations!

You can further target specific geographical locations. If you have a store in East Nigeria and wish to reach people in South Nigeria simply enter all of South Nigeria as your location. You don’t need to specify every county; just target South Nigeria and select Within 2 miles.

This option also gives you a chance to narrow down your demographics by age, sex and interest. Select 18-24 year old males who like your business for example, or 55 years old females who are interested in your business.


  • Choose Your Ads Images.

Decide what you want your ad to look like and collect appropriate images for it. Be sure to choose a compelling image for your ad and make sure it is relevant to your product or service!

If you are selling running shoes, for example, you may want to feature an image of a runner in your ad. , if you are selling candlelight dinners, you may want to use an image of food instead.

Remember that most people will only see your ad very briefly when they scroll through their newsfeed. They need to be able to understand what they are looking at in less than 10 seconds.



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  • Test Your Ads And Optimize!

Test your ad’s design, copy, and targeting options to see what works best. For example, running different combinations of ads on similar audiences can show you how a change in messaging affects conversion rates. And once you have nailed down an effective strategy for one type of audience or campaign objective, apply it to other segments that are likely to respond well as well.

But don’t just look at numbers: Look at actual user behavior by conducting surveys and using tools like heatmaps to gauge people’s attention levels while they browse your site.

If you find something is resonating with users even if conversions are not yet meeting expectations give it more time before tweaking anything else. It may take some time for users to catch on, but eventually they will if you keep emphasizing why your offer is so great.


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