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Hikvision Cameras Best Quality Security CCTV Camera System In Nigeria



Hikvision Cameras

Hikvision Security Cameras Are One Of The Leading Name In Security Gadgets System In Nigeria,A Product Of Hangzhou Digital Technology Limited In China.


Hikvision Cameras Firstly Entered Nigerian Markets In 2018 And Has Since Then Dominated The Nigerian Security Companies With Their High Quality Performance Security Cameras And Other Security Gadgets.


Hikvision Security Company,Deals In Different Types Of Security Gadgets Systems, Ranging From:

  • Car Trackers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • DVRs
  • Solar Panels
  • Quality Security Alarms
  • Video Intercoms
  • Wireless CCTV Cameras
  • Solar Powered CCTV Camera
  • AHD CCTV Cameras


        Hikvision AHD CCTV Cameras



Hikvision Cameras


Hikvision Technology Company Has Gone A Step Futher In Security Gadgets Systems By Manufacturing a High Quality Advance High Definition (AHD) Cameras For Both Indoors And Outdoors Purposes.


Hikvision AHD Cameras Has A High Quality Resolution Lens Pictures In Clearity Given Their Customers And Users Quality Security Satisfaction In Every Of The Security Products.


The AHD Cameras Has Become The Engineers Choice Of Cameras As It Has A Several Qualities, And Also Is Very Simple And Easy To Install.


Some Qualities Of Hikvision AHD CCTV Cameras

Hikvision Cameras

1—– Hikvision AHD Cameras Shows Colored Background Both In The Night As In The Day Because Of It’s High Inbuilt Infrared Lights To Help Receive Color During The Night, Other CCTV Camera Sees Black And White When There Is No Light Within.



2—-Hikvision AHD Cameras Has Unparalleled Brightness And Vivid Color Along With Amazing Sharp And Clear Images.


3—- Hikvision AHD Cameras Has A Light Resolution Standard Than Other Security Cameras With It’s HD 1080P Resolution Picture Which Makes It More Sharper And Brighter.


4—- Hikvision AHD Cameras Is Very Easy And Simple To Install, As Anybody With Electrical Engineering Knowledge Can Easily Install It Without Stress Of Getting A Professional CCTV Cameras Installer.



Where Can Hikvision AHD Cameras Be Installed


Hikvision AHD Cameras Can Be Installed An Any Strategic Areas Which Needs Security And 24hours Under Proper Security Surveillance.

Hikvision AHD Cameras Be Installed In:

  • House
  • Offices
  • Church
  • Schools Market Places Hotels
  • Banks
  • Factories
  • Companies
  • Stations
  • Etc


Types Of Hikvision AHD Cameras:


Hikvision AHD Outdoor/IR Bullet Cameras.

Hikvision AHD Outdoor Cameras Are Specifically Made To Be Installed Outside As It Has A Very High Resolution Lens Which Can Cover A Very Far Distance.

It Has 2 Mega Pixel And 3.6mm Lens To Enhance High Quality Video Coverage.


Hikvision AHD Indoor IR Turret Camera



Hikvision AHD Indoor Cameras Are Also Specifically Made For Indoors coverages Like Rooms,Offices, Palour, Conference Hall,Bar, Security House And Other Indoor Security Needing Places.


Materials Needed To Install Hikvision AHD Cameras

For Proper And Easy Installation Of Hikvision Cameras And Other Security Cameras Without Stress, The Following Materials Are What Is Need To Get Your Work Done Without Stress.


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1–RG-59 Cable With Power:


RG-59 Cable Is The Original Cable Specially Made For CCTV Cameras Installation Of Any Kind Of Cameras  As It Has Been Certified And Proven By Standard Organisation Of Nigeria And Several Security Experts.

RG-59 Cable Is Purely Copper To Copper Cable Which Makes The Cameras To Have More Clearer Pictures, And Also Last Longer Without Reducing The Picture Quality Of The Cameras.

RG-59 Cable Has Different Products In The Market But As An Expert We Will Advice You Get This RG-59 Cables Which Has Been Tested And Proven By Our Team Of Engineers

  1. Hikvision RG-59 Cables
  2. Skyvision RG-59 Cables
  3. Cenco Vision RG-59 Cables

RG-59 Cable Is A Twin Cable For Supply Of Power And Also Video Signals To The Cameras.


2–Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The DVR Machine Is One Of The Major Material Needed For Security Camera Installation As All The Cameras Will Be Plugged Into The DVR Machine To Transfer Out The Videos From The Cameras To The TVs Or Monitor.

Without DVR Machines There Is No Way To Display Videos Or Record  After Installing The Cameras.


DVR Machine Has Different Seizes Depending On Now Many Cameras To Be Installed



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  • 4Channels DVR Machine
  • 8Channels DVR Machine
  • 16Channels DVR Machine
  • 24Channels DVR Machine
  • 32Channels DVR Machine
  • 42Channels DVR Machine




Cameras Are The Focal Point That Will Monitor And Send Signals To The DVR Machine To Transfer The Video Of What It Has Capture To The Television Or Monitor.

Without Cameras The Work Is As Good As A Joke Because There Will Be No Receiving Or Sending Of Information To The DVR.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

This Is Like A Memory Card That Will Enable The Recording And Previous Information  For Replays (Playback) At Anytime.

HDD Help To Review What Happens Incidents Previously Or Presently Happening.


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