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Guidelines For Creating An Engaging Twitter Sponsored Post



Twitter has become one of the most popular social media network and has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate every year.

That is why so many marketers have flocked to Twitter as an excellent advertising platform for reaching new customers and expanding their business awareness.

In order to succeed with Twitter campaigns, you need to put together several pieces of the puzzle, including creating high quality content, effective ads, and engaging tweets that grab people’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

When executed properly, Twitter campaigns can be highly effective ways to attract leads and increase your business sales.



Simple Guidelines For Creating An Engaging Twitter Campaign Post!


Twitter Sponsored post

  • Choose Your NicheAnd Audience!

The most important thing about creating a post on Twitter is that you know who you are going to be targeting and how you plan on doing it.

This is not just something where you say, I want people in Lagos or Abuja.  figure out who they are, what they like, the business they like to do etc.Narrowing down your audience will help you decide where and how much money you should spend on sponsoring your post.



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  •  Come Up With Content Ideas!

This is where you begin thinking about what your brand wants to share. You might need more than one idea, and that is okay. A few ideas to get you started:

You have to understand what is trending in your industry? What’s new or exciting in your business? What are people asking questions about on social media? How can you use Twitter video in a unique way that customers would enjoy?

When you might have gotten the answer to this different questions then you can decide on which content you will put out there for your targeted audience.


  • Determine The Schedule Of Your Post!

It is important to set a schedule for your tweets. It will help you reach a target audience and not let your followers lose interest in you or your post.

Choose at least three times per day when you plan on tweeting, or every four hours if you don’t plan on tweeting as often. for example, morning and afternoon are good times when most people are online.

For best results, keep your tweets spaced at least 15 minutes apart so that your followers see them as separate events instead of just one big advertisement.

Then night is also a good time to tweet because it is typically before many people go to bed, but they may still be awake and catching up on news and updates.

Also make sure that there is nothing much happening during those designated periods of time; don’t tweet right before or during major world events, games or shows.


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  • Always Set Your Budget!

Before you can put together a plan, you have to know how much you can afford. You can find general guidance for budgeting in How To Set A Marketing Budget. But that’s too broad for individual campaigns.

Your next task is figuring out what your target Return On Investment (ROI)is and how much you have to spend in order to get it.

Start by looking at Return on Investment and Setting Social Media Goals to figure out your main goal with each campaign. The return on investment gives you a specific dollar amount, and goals tell you whether that number is worth aiming for or not.

Note, spending  N500 on something that is  likely get you N10,000 back is not very good. Then look at What Are The Numbers For My Business? to figure out more detailed figures. And check Understanding Customer Lifetime Value if you want a better idea of where your customers come from.


  •  Create A Quality Graphics, Copy,!

Before you send your sponsored tweet, you will need a few elements in place. First, some quality custom graphics and if you have no design skills yourself,  hire a freelancer.

Then write your post copy; once that is done, think about how you want your ad to appear and include a call-to-action. Then, track everything closely and make sure you get results.

In many cases, advertisers will want clicks on their link or retweets of their message which is fine! If users are not engaging with your content, though, then rework before trying again.


  •  Publish Your Sponsored Post!

After following the above guidelines, is time to start putting your plan into action. Now that you have drafted a promotional strategy, you need to be ready for  your ads to go live.

You should start by using industry keywords and hashtags in your tweets so people searching for products or services in your industry can find them. Include a link with relevant information about your business, product or service,then publish.

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