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Frequent Asked Questions About Difference Between Gotv Decoder And Startimes Decorder



Gotv And Startimes Are One Of The Most Popular Cable TV Networks In Nigeria And In Some Major Parts Of The West African States.

They Are Unique In Their Own Ways As They Both Offer Different Interesting Programs That Is Of Interest To Their Millions Of Subscribers In Nigeria And Other Parts Of Africa.


Frequent Ask Questions About Gotv And Startimes


Who Owns Startimes And Gotv;

Startimes Is Own By A Chinese Multinational Media Company Which Has It’s Headquarters In Beijing China.

Startimes Came Into Operation In The African Continent In 2008 And Has Since Become One Of The Strongest Competitors Of Gotv.


While Gotv,Is Under The Umbrella Of Of Multichoice Africa A Paytv Company Owned By A South African Businessman.

Multichoice Africa Is Also The Owners Of DSTV One Of Most Selling And Biggest Cable TV Brand In Nigeria.



Do Gotv And Startimes Have Thesame Programs?

This Two Interesting Cable TV Companies Are Very Different In Their Operations And Has Different Programs With Little Or No Similarities To Each Other.

They Both Has Different Channels And Different Contents, They Both Has Different Subscription Packages Depending On The Interest Of The Customers.


Do Gotv And Startimes Decorder Show Sports?

This To Cable TVs Has Many Disparities In Terms Of Sports Showing As The Kind Of  Sports One Shows Is Different From The Other.


What Sports Does Gotv And Startimes Show?

In The Aspects Of Sports Showing,They Both Has Different Sports Channels Which Shows Different Sports Contents.


Gotv: This Are The Sports Programs That  Gotv Offers;

  • Spanish Laliga It Shows All Matches
  • English Premier League One Very Saturday And Midweek Matches One
  • Uefa Champions League One Tuesday Or Wednesdays
  • Italian Seria A One Saturdays
  • English FA Cup All Matches
  • Caraboa Cup All Matches


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Startimes Shows  This:

  • Spanish Laliga All Matches
  • Italian Seria A All Matches
  • English FA Cup All Matches
  • German Bundesliga All Matches
  • Europa League All Matches
  • English Premier League One Every Saturday


How Many Subscription Packages Does Gotv And Startimes Decorder Has?

Both Decoders Has Different Subscription Packages According To The Interest Of Their Subscribers And The Channels They Enjoy Watching.




Gotv Has Five Subscription Packages;

  • Gotv Supa Package= = N5,500
  • Gotv Max Package == N3,600
  • Gotv Jolli Package == N2,460
  • Gotv Jinja Package == N1,640
  • Gotv Smile Package == N800


Startimes Has Only Three Subscription Packages;


  • Classic Bouquet == N2,500
  • Basic Bouquet.   == N 1,700
  • Nova Bouquet.   == N900


List Of Startimes Decorder Channels?

  • Startimes Guide (Free)
  • Startimes Go (Free)
  • Startimes Movie Plus (Classic Bouquet)
  • St Nollywood Plus (Classic
  • PBC (Classic Bouquet)
  • AMC ( Classic Bouquet)
  • TDC (Nova Bouquet)
  • St Novella E (Basic Bouquet)
  • Fox (Classic Bouquet)
  • TL Novella ( Classic Bouquet)
  •  NTA News 24 (Nova Bouquet)
  • Silverbird Television ( Nova Bouquet)
  • Channels TV ( Nova Bouquet)
  • Orient TV (Nova Bouquet)
  • Wap TV ( Nova Bouquet)
  • E-Star (Nova Bouquet)
  • Kaftan (TV Nova Bouquet)
  • Human Rights TV( Basic Bouquet)
  • AIT (Basic Bouquet)
  • Pineapple TV (Nova Bouquet)
  • U-laff TV (Basic Bouquet)
  • Area Ten ( Basic Bouquet)
  • St Kungfu (Nova Bouquet)
  • Etv (Nova Bouquet)
  • ST Real Time (Nova Bouquet)
  • St Yoruba  (Basic Bouquet)
  • Zanfers TV  (Nova Bouquet)
  • St Dadin Kowa (Nova Bouquet)
  • NTA IGBO (Nova Bouquet)
  • Orisun (Nova Bouquet)
  • Isi Mbido (Basic Bouquet)
  • New Frontline TV (Nova Bouquet)
  • NCBU TV (Nova Bouquet)
  • NGC E ( Classic Bouquet)
  • NGWE  (Basic Bouquet)
  • St Sports Focus (Nova Bouquet)
  • St Sports Arena ( Basic Bouquet)
  • St Sports Premium  (Classic Bouquet)
  • St Sports Life. (Basic Bouquet)
  • St World Football ( Basic Bouquet)
  • ESPN 2 (Clàssic bouquet)
  • NTA Sports 24 (Free
  • CGTN ( Nova)
  • BBC World News ( basic Bouquet)
  • Al Jazeera (Basic Bouquet)
  • Fox News ( Classic Bouquet?
  • TVC News. (Nova Bouquet)
  • ID (Classic Bouquet)
  • St Kids ( Basic Bouquet)
  • DreamWorks ( Classic Bouquet)
  • Toonami ( Basic Bouquet)
  • C Beebies (Basic Bouquet)
  • Nickelodeon (Basic Bouquet)
  • Basy TV (Classic Bouquet)
  • Jimjam  ( Nova Bouquet)
  • Teen Africa ( Nova Bouquet)
  • Nigezie  Music (Basic Bouquet)
  • Emmanuel TV ( Nova Bouquet)
  • EWTN (Basic Bouquet)
  • Dove TV (Basic Bouquet)
  • Star life ( Basic Bouquet)
  • Colours (Classic Bouquet)
  • Star Gold (Classic Bouquet)
  • Star Plus ( Classic Bouquet)
  • ZEE Cinema (Classic Bouquet)



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