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Eid El-Fitri: Peter Obi Congratulates Muslims, Sends Message To Supporters



The Presidential candidate of Labour Party Peter Obi has sent a congratulatory message to Muslims for completing Ramadan 2023 fasting successfully and celebration of Eid El-Fitri

The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate urged Muslims and his supporters to remain peaceful noting that a lot of fake news had been directed at him and his team, but he remains resolute in fighting for a new Nigeria

Peter Obi, further called on all Muslim faithful and his supporters to remain focused on peace and the rule of law. In

In a congratulatory message he posted on his official Twitter page, Peter Obi assured Nigerians and millions of his supporters,that the struggle for a new Nigeria is in good stead, and on course

The Statement Reads

As-salamu alaykum to our Muslim brothers and sisters. On the occasion of the celebration of Eid il Fitr, I wish you all a Happy Sallah and congratulate you for completing Ramadan 2023 successfully. Ramadan Kareem!

The Holy Month of Ramadan was for all to practice restraint, decorum and humility; it enjoined all faithfuls to be fair and just in all dealings; to help the needy and heal the ailing; to also promote mutual understanding and peace within communities.

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These injunctions promote the values of universal social justice, world peace and human progress.

Our dear country Nigeria, the only nation that we have, is going through uncertainties in different areas relating to insecurity, deprivation, unemployment and most recently, divisive flawed elections arising from the activities of fringe elements who do not respect the rule of law. They always deploy impunity and exploit weak national institutions to subvert the will of the people.

Many untoward activities have been directed at our people and nation, but we remain resolute in fighting for a New Nigeria through all peaceful and legal options under our laws. We continue to implore all Nigerians to remain peaceful and law-abiding.

We equally remain in prayers that these challenges will be overcome without further adverse shock to the economy, nation and national interest.

In deference to the revered periods of Lent and Ramadan, we have refrained from personally reacting to various distractive allegations and fake news directed at Datti Baba-Ahmed and me.

The most egregious of these acts is the allegation of treason for pursuing the due process. It is now common knowledge that perpetrators of state capture and their acolytes continue to attack Datti and me, and indeed, the Labour Party and the OBIdient Family, for seeking a New Nigeria that will be beneficial to all Nigerians.

Efforts to dissuade us from pursuing the right path towards achieving an equitable, secure and productive New Nigeria, included the deployment of doctored audio, identity theft, impersonation, trolls and fighting words.

In the true spirit of Ramadan, I call on our supporters to remain focused on peace and the rule of law. I also wish to assure Nigerians and the OBIdients that our struggle for a New Nigeria is in good stead, and on course.

Indeed, be assured that a new Nigeria, that is safe, secure, fair and prosperous for all Nigerians is POssible!

May Almighty God guide and bless us and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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