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Effects Of My Criminal Past Affecting Me -Anthony Joshua



Former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, has said that his past criminal records are still affecting him.

Anthony Joshua said this in a series of videos shared on his Snapchat on Saturday as he recounted his experience at an American airport.

He said, “You can’t run away from your past, everytime I step into the US, they call me into the US customs or border protection. Luckily, some things on my criminal record aren’t too severe and they don’t stop me from actually entering the US.

“But every time I enter the US, they call me in for questioning and it is tedious and it is time-consuming.

“So young kids I’m just saying, while you may be coming up, whatever you may be doing, even if it is getting into a fight outside the club because you are drunk.

” Anything on your criminal record can cause you problem when trying to travel to the USA, so keep your record clean. Stay clean, stay out of trouble.”

Anthony Joshua’s boxing carrier has been in the decrease following his back to back loss to Ukrainian boxer Alexander Uysk earlier this year.

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