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Compulsory Blogging Principles A Blogger Must Keep




Compulsory blogging principles are some guidelines that every blogger must follow and in order to have a successful blogging career.

As a blogger you will have to incorporate them into your blogging activities if you really want to become an authority in your niche and make money blogging through blogging related activities.

In this article I will share with you some of the compulsory principles that every blogger must have in order to be successful in their blogging career.


Some Compulsory Principles A Blogger Must Keep



  • You Must Have A Good Writing Skills

As a blogger, you will have to write articles based on your subject matter. Even if you are writing about marketing and branding.

As a blogger,you will have to write for your readers in an engaging manner. Writing is something that can always be improved upon as long as you focus on making each piece as good as it can be.

Knowing how to research information also comes into play here. It is no good being able to inform others if all of your information is inaccurate.

You must have and develope a good writing skills, both in writing long or short content if you must make a headway in blogging industry.



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  • You Must Be Consistent

There are few ways to build a loyal readership as quickly as having an unrelenting commitment to posting regularly.

Consistency breeds familiarity and, once that trust is established, a sense of obligation on your readers’ part to follow you even if they don’t particularly love what you are writing about.

Every good blogger knows that consistency is key to building an audience and keeping them coming back for more.


  • Have A Clear Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

Your call to action is your chance to drive a reader toward your goal.

Every blogger should strive to make their call to action as clear and obvious as possible.

This means that you should have no more than one or two calls to action on every page, and they should be displayed prominently and consistently throughout your website.

If you do it right, CTAs can have an incredible impact on your blogging performance, so do not neglect their importance.


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  • Reliable Hosting

Finding reliable web hosting can be a frustrating experience.

And if you are an aspiring blogger looking for affordable hosting, look no further than

It is reliable and secured servers are perfect for getting your new blog off to a great start.

This post will go over what you need to know to choose a host that is right for you, as well as how to get your site up and running on your new server.

It will also give some tips on how to optimize performance of your site after it is live!


  •  Simplicity Of Theme And Design

Some blogs are too overloaded with information that it makes it hard for anyone to read them.

You need to be able to highlight what you want your reader to see and remember, thus it is important that you simplify your design so that your content can stand out.

Simple doesn’t mean less; instead, make sure to highlight just one thing within each piece of content you publish so that they can get all they need from a quick scan over.


  • Smart Navigation And Menu Structure

In a hurry to get through your content? The navigation and menu structure of your website should allow people to quickly navigate through your content, finding what they need on one page.

Navigation should always link back to where it was, making it easier for readers who click out by mistake.

Search box placement is also important; you want readers to be able to find information they are looking for without having to scroll down every page.

Easy-to-follow layout and design are also imperative when it comes to navigation.



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  • Always Create Quality Content

For your visitors to stay, your content has to be good. Before you even publish, ask for feedback on your ideas from your peers.

It is easy to assume people will like what you write; in reality, that’s rarely true. Listen to criticism, and alter or expand upon your ideas until they appeal to as many readers as possible.

With a strong grasp of audience needs and interests, it is easier to keep writing engaging content week after week.And if your content is not engaging, why would anyone want to read it?


  • Workflow Automation

As a blogger, your workflow involves a lot of things that need to be automated. This includes email and social media marketing.

For example, you may schedule out when you post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter at specific times throughout each day.

What is more, with email marketing, you will likely create automation systems so that subscribers are sent emails based on their actions and behaviors as they interact with your content.

Automation is important because it allows you to save time by doing tasks automatically rather than manually. Automation also helps reduce errors by ensuring that everything is done correctly every time.

  • Website/Content Promotion

Every blogger should know how to promote their content. The best place to start is by promoting other people’s work, but when you are ready to start building your audience, aim for quality rather than quantity.

Make sure all of your posts are unique and shareable. select content from others who are in similar industries and follow a similar target audience, or contact those influencers directly with an offer they can’t refuse.

Speaking of offers,Keep reading! A good promotion strategy includes a mix of several different types of promotions: guest blogging, social media outreach, email marketing and advertising.

Start small with just one type of promotion,and then build up to more as you learn what works best for your industry and niche.

Here are some examples: Guest blogging on blogs that have high domain authority (DA) will help increase DA over time; DA is an important metric because it measures how much trust Google has in a site.

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