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Comedian Mark Angel Issues Apology Over Emanuella’s Controversial Viral Dance Video



Popular comedian Mark Angel has issued an apology following the widespread reaction to a viral video featuring his ward and child comedienne, Emanuella Samuel. The video, which surfaced on Thursday, portrayed Emanuella in a black dress with a high slit, prompting mixed reactions on social media.

While some expressed concern that the content was inappropriate for someone of Emanuella’s age, others commended her for what they considered as her growth and self-expression.

Late on Thursday, Mark Angel took to his Instagram page to address the situation and offer an apology. In his statement, he clarified that Emanuella wore the outfit innocently, which belonged to one of her elder sisters. He explained that the video was shared on her WhatsApp status and was later downloaded by an adult who posted it on her TikTok account without considering the potential consequences.

Angel took full responsibility as a parent and sincerely apologized for any discomfort or concern the video might have caused. He emphasized that the video was shared without his consent or the consent of Emanuella’s handler.

The comedian assured the public that he is actively addressing the situation with his child and is emphasizing the importance of making responsible choices. He acknowledged the mistake and assured that steps are being taken to prevent a recurrence.

In concluding his statement, Mark Angel expressed gratitude for understanding and support during what he referred to as a challenging time, indicating his commitment to ensuring a more careful approach in the future. The apology seeks to address the controversy surrounding Emanuella’s video and reassure the public of the comedian’s commitment to responsible content creation for the young talent.

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