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Civil Society Group Slammed Over Their Sponsored Attack On Miriam Onuoha



A civil society group under the umbrella of Legislative Watch Unit has been criticized over what has been termed as a deliberate and sponsored attack on Hon Princess Miriam Onuoha the member representating Onuimo/Okigwe/Isla Mbano Federal Constituency in Imo State.

The group had in their previous press release questioned the eligibility of Hon Miriam Onuoha who is currently in the race of the Deputy Speakership Position of the 10th National Assembly, to vie for the Deputy Speakership Position of the National Assembly.

The group further stated the Princess Miriam Onuoha’s ambition for the deputy speakership of the national assembly is contrary to the national assembly guidelines which has made her unqualified to seek for the position

In their response, the media team of Hon Princess Miriam Onuoha in a press statement released on Monday made available to DAILYNEWSLINK, described the publication of the group as misleading and a calculated attempt to scuttle the ambition of Hon Miriam Onuoha becoming the deputy speaker of the 10th national assembly.

Miriam Onuoha’s team further stated that their principal is not only academically the most Qualified, but possesses the requisite competence, experience and humility. adding that she also relates well and greatly endeared to her constituents, colleagues and new members-elect.

The Statement Reads

Our attention has been drawn to the outright fallacies and innuendos of a non existent and self styled Legislative Watch Unit Parading as a civil society group.

This group in their recent press statement, tried unsuccessfully to mislead the public with regards to the eligibility of Rt. Hon Princess Mariam Onuoha, member representing Onuimo/Okigwe/Isiala Mbano Federal Constituency, IMO State who is the front line candidate for the Deputy Speakership of the tenth National Assembly.

We hereby state categorically, that their fallacies which have woefully failed ab initio, are purely baseless, discriminatory and conceived to mislead the public.

The so called Civil Society group could not lay hand on any exact section of the House Rule to convince their audience. However, for clarity purposes, the House Rule states that a member seeking for the Office of the Speaker or that of the Deputy shall be nominated by a member elect, provided the member who is seeking for the office is a Returning Member.

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Having said this, it is therefore on record that Rt. Hon princess Miriam Onuoha is a Returning Member whose oath of office was administered in the 9th Assembly and successfully served the House for more than three and half years.

As an active member of the House, Rt Hon. Princess Miriam Onuoha, upon resumption participated actively in all prescribed Legislative induction processes and got inculcated with the required legislative norms and values; an experience which earned her Chairmanship of Adhoc and Standing Committees respectively.

It is therefore, noteworthy that, both Miriam Onuoha and Benjamin Kalu are second term ranking members of the House of Representatives. Ultimately, going by experience, the Rt Hon Princess Onuoha has more knowledge of legislative duties having meritoriously served as a Legislative Aide to late Sen. Uwajimogu in the 8th Assembly, in addition to her current position as the Chair, House Committee on Disabilities in this 9th Assembly.

She has been a very active member of the 9th Assembly and attended so many legislative capacity building conferences as well as parliamentary workshops and trainings. This is against the back drop of alleged non-participation of induction program of the 9th Assembly which she had, as a matter of fact, undergone twice, especially with the induction program of the 10th Assembly which she, as well successfully completed.

Rt. Hon Miriam Onuoha, is therefore most qualified to contest for the office of the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives. Her election into the house has no hi cups and above all, she is a woman. Thus, her election as Deputy Speaker will make for gender balance as well as increase women participation in politics and governance in the TINUBU / SHETTIMA administration.

Nigeria is ripe to give women a chance and His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a firm believer in women inclusiveness, having governed Lagos State with a female Deputy and as well, supported his own wife to rise to the position of a senator twice.

We talk of equality of genders, we talk of women in governance and we also talk of women in Parliament, when will it take place in NIGERIA?
The answer is NOW! Let’s give women a chance in this 10th Assembly.

We urge Hon. Ben Kalu to support his sister in this contest for the position of Deputy Speaker of the 10th Assembly since she was endorsed before he even joined the race.

Her legislative service milestones, also includes ADHOC Committee Chairman on Alleged Breach of Presidential Directives on the Sack of NSTIF staff by the Hon Minister of Labour and Productivity. She also served as Deputy Chairman, Adhoc Committee on The Relocation of Tank Farms in Residential Places of Ijegun vi sa vis Committee member, Petroleum Industry Bill (now PIA) and a Member of the Constitution Alteration Committee.

Quite spectacularly, Hon. Miriam Onuoha has sponsored scores of bills and three of which are before Mr. President for Assent and notable impactful motions while making strong contributions on topical issues of national importance and interest.
Hon Miriam Onuoha has sat for the required 181 days of full Legislative session of the 9th Assembly (even though this is not a part of the set condition in the guidelines for electing presiding officers).

Since Ben Kalu has only been in the house for one tenure like Miriam is the so called civil society group which, he’s clearly speaking through insinuating that the South East candidates do not qualify for any Presiding office. Since both are neither 3rd, 4th or 5th timer like most senior members of the 9th Assembly?

Educationally, Hon Miriam Onuoha has acquired verifiable qualifications and undisputed certificates including: B.Sc (Hons) Estate Management from the University of Lagos , Masters in Environmental Planning and Protection ( MEPP) from the University of Abuja and a Post Graduate Diploma in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution from the National Open University of Nigeria as against Ben Kalu’s acclaimed qualifications of questionable nature.

Hon. Miriam Onuoha is not only academically the most Qualified, but possesses the requisite competence, experience and humility. She also relates well and greatly endeared to her constituents, colleagues and new Members- Elect. She is also the woman/youth face of APC in the entire South East region. She is generally more acceptable and has been roundly tipped as the preferred Candidate for the Deputy Speakership position, a situation which has set her opponent in political convulsion. Thus, we can only advise them to retrace their steps and play politics without acrimony.

What else do we need from this roundly qualified, competent and humility personified astute Law maker, other than to support her for the position of Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives in the 10th assembly.

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