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Cabals In Presidency Working Against Tinubu – El Rufai



Nasir El Rufai the governor of Kaduna state has accused some high profile individuals in the presidency of sabotaging and working against the APC presidential candidate Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

El Rufai made this statement on Wednesday when he appeared in a program on Channels Television.

He further alleged that those working against Tinubu in the presidency,are angry because their preferred presidential candidate lost during the party’s presidential primaries.

“I believe that there are people in the Villa who want to ruin this election. They had their candidates who lost the ticket and they don’t want our party to win.

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“On several occassions, we’ve had meetings with the president. the president agrees to take certain decisions.
When we go, nothing is done and those who refuse to carry out the instructions are not punished.

“I told Emiefele that there is a Local Government in Kaduna state. 1 local government bigger than Anambra state that has only 1 bank. Everyone in the state keeps cash. They have millions of Naira at home.. How do you expect them to move with money for several hours to deposit in a bank in a short period of time?

“They are getting angry with our party already, meanwhile, it’s not our party that is creating this crisis but a few who probably want us to lose election.

Recall that the Presidential candidate of APC Asiwaju Ahmed Bola in his campaign in Ogun state accuse the Presidency of hoarding the new naira notes and increasing fuel prices in other to frustrate his winning in presidential election.

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