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BREAKING;Mr. Ibu Undergoes Another Leg Surgery Can Hardly Talk.



The health condition of popular Nigerian Nollywoood comic actor, John Okafor also known as Mr Ibu has continued to deteriorate as he can no longer talk after he undergone another medical surgery in his leg.

Mr Ibu who one of his leg was amputated in October after he was diagnosed with a diabetes, is said to be in a critical condition as he is no longer himself after second surgery in the same amputated leg.

Giving an update on the fates of Nollywoood actors in sick bed, the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria,(AGN) Dr Emeka Rollas said that the union and the family of Mr Ibu are now relying on fate on the current condition of Mr Ibu.

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“We are resigning to fate concerning the two actors. As I speak with you, Mr Ibu hardly talks again and he has undergone another leg amputation”

Dr Rollas also gave update on the condition of another legendary Nollywoood actor Amaechi Muonagor who is also in sick bed, after being diagnosed of kidney failure.

“You will shed tears if you see Amaechi Muonagor now, his legs are completely paralyzed.

“I’m calling on all fans and well wishers of the actor to join hands with other philanthropic Nigerians to support him in this dire time,” Rollas added.

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