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AKA IV League Pregnant Girlfriend Nadia Nakai Collapsed Five Times After News Of Death.



AKA IV League’s Pregnant girlfriend Nadia Nakai who was in Johannesburg having a party when her boyfriend AKA was shot dead reportedly collapsed five times before being rushed to the Hospital where she was stabilized.

Speculations are that Nadia Nakai is pregnant for three months carrying AKA’s child.

According to those close to Nadia Nakai disclosed that she is not in good health after news broke about the death of the Rapper.

Nadia Nakai who is also an Musician has been confused and mute from the time her boyfriend AKA was shot dead in the sign of shock.

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“She is very disturbed and shocked upto day, she seems she can’t remember anything. After her collapse in Johannesburg, she has never said anything. She has been very disturbed “

Asked if indeed she was pregnant for AKA, close friends said it might be true.

“It might be true or not, we are in a position where we just want our friend to be in good health and come back to her normal self. After that, if anything like that is true, she will break the news on her own. But for now, she needs her privacy so that she can mourn AKA in peace”

AKA IV League a South African rapper was reportedly shot dead in drive-by shooting on Durban’s Florida Road last week..

AKA was reportedly standing outside the Wish Restaurant when 2 unknown vehicles opened fire on him. He was hit 6 times. His bodyguard was also shot dead.

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